Sleeping on the edge

We left the solitude of Humphrey Head Point this morning and tonight Doris is parked up in a huge NT carpark at Fornby, just north of Liverpool (£0).  We’re in among acres of sand dunes right next to the sea.


Scary night in big car park

Today we pottered through Lancaster (note – looks lovely must stop there next time) and headed for Morcambe with a view to ending up just south of here to see the bronze people statues on the beach.  Morcambe looked posh in a seaside sort of way and we continued south to Southport, missing Blackpool (which we had visited before and didn’t take to).  We had lunch at an RSPB sanctuary just north of Southport, with a couple of other campers.  We walked out to the beach through tufty grass which was peppered with wading birds and gulls.

Next stop was Fornby.  We aimed for a campsite, but it didn’t take tourers, so inquisitively we headed for the beach and ended up in a large, tarmaced carpark.  We togged up and walked into driving wind south along the huge, wide and endless beach towards Liverpool.  The cloud was low, but with no rain to begin with, the wind drove the sand in twirly lines towards us.  In the distance Liverpool stood bolt upright like a mini Manhatten, but it was at such a distance that it looked like it had been silted up.  The only clue that it wasn’t deserted was the odd light and a huge ferry heading into the port.  With the Snowdon massive across the water it was a fab sight.

I’ve been for a run.  We’re not as relaxed as last night – this place feels like it might attract some locals late at night, but we’ll see.

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