Day 7 – It’s official

Currently in Doris on Walney Isalnd, just off Barrow-in-Furness.  This place is perfect for us: cheap campsite (£16) on a thin spit of land with a 2-hour

Cows thinking they're seals

Cows thinking they’re seals

walk around a wildlife sanctuary in the rain, cows thinking they’re seals, huge offshore wind farm and then a peak of sunshine.  Oh and a view of Piel Castle on a small island between us and the mainland.  Apparently the landlord of ‘The Ship’ on the island is the King of Pyle, and if you buy a round of drinks you can be Knighted.  Wunderbar!

All this after my departure was made public by the boss (a few nice emails followed – and I guess a few rubbing their hands together).  We spent last night with the DofE crowd up some tiny valley in The Lakes.  How Doris managed is a mystery but she did.  We had to park in someone’s farmstead because we couldn’t reach the team.  But met up with some v wet kids and had a great evening with the staff.  Will miss that part.

Slight panic with pool of water on Doris’ floor this morning.  On inspection seems (hopefully) that it was condensation falling off of the skylight.  Inspection seems to show that’s the case.

Today saw a leisurely drive to Barrow and onto Walney Island – which was an inspired choIce.  And  have JP Interent (aka Campernet) working for the first time linking into the campsite’s wifi.  Brill!

All-in-all a great couple of days.

More to follow……….

Third day, but 7 weeks in….

Just under 7 weeks since we returned to school.  And by my reckoning that’s 27 working weeks left, with a smattering of 10 weeks off inbetween.  Both of us are feeling better after a batch of colds and we have Jen popping along tonight; and we’re staying with her tomorrow night on the way to the Lakes and the DofE.

I reloaded Doris’ boot tonight, and we were inside packing bits and pieces.  It does feel good to be away from all the clutter of life: vodaphone bill, big bits of recycling, ironing, 5 emails an hour after work (3 of which warrant a reply), more ironing, children, food choices, more clothes than I need, and so it goes on.  There’s a simplicity in the van that I yearn for.  No decisions, no lists, nothing to cloud a simple day…..

But it will come.  It will.  We just have continue to persevere, plan and, I guess pray.  Note to self: must do that a little more.


Day Two….quite a few to go

As we, that is C, prepares for our two weeks ‘up north’, I had the pleasure of watching Well Cathedral School beat Millfield at footy.  Ok, so it wasn’t Millfield’s 1sts, but I’m not going to spoil this story with the truth.  What is true is that with younger still causing some angst and work mostly a bit of a struggle, next summer seems a long way off.

Anyhow.  We do have two weeks away in Doris to look forward to and with no major expectations we should sleep a lot.   And if you get time watch this clip that C found from her new love, Facebook, via a BBC2 link.  The wonders of modern science……enjoy.



It started with a test…..

…..who would have thought it would come to this?

Post one, day one.  So much to do and sort before next summer.  I need to update the old blog, link to the original story from our first trip and publish the cat’s letters.  And keep this generally updated.  Oh, and all this amid younger daughter crisis.

That’s all tomorrow’s problem.