The final straight


last running club

I am exhausted.  This week has, like the rest, shot past.  I took my final running club on Tuesday with ES, an upper sixth girl who is leaving with me.  She’s an England standard runner and started with me seven years ago when I kicked the club off.  As you can see we all wore stupid hats and pottered around in the sunshine.  It was great.

As well as other stuff we completed regime change in the JS.  It’s been ongoing since November last year and has finally come to a proper and sensible conclusion – all for the best.  It has been the toughest HR event I have ever been involved in, but it’s over now thank goodness.  (It would be wrong not to mention that I went out to a farewell lunch with the maths department on Thursday.  Off to the Fountain – which was great).


today we’re mostly sticking stuff in the garage

Yesterday we took our second load of gear to our lock up in Bristol.  We had to rearrange the whole garage, but we made room and are now just a car load away from being packed up.  This morning (Sunday) we popped out to Costas and look over the next couple of months.  We have two or three lines in the sand and have started to arrange to meet friends as we meander about the country.  What we found by doing this exercise was a three week period in August that was blank.  Fabulous…….

And this afternoon we started to repack the van weighing everything on the way.  We have a huge payload (750kg) but you can’t be too careful.  Looks like we will be well under, but I’ll let you know when we finished.

As such, other than a few bits and bobs, it’s just Speech Day left.  It’s a week of farewells and parties – the parties are standard for this time of year.  On Thursday we are going out to supper with mates of ours who are back from Saudi where he is the DA.  Friday is the Prestige Concert.  Saturday is Speech Day…..and Sunday is freedom.  I know it sounds v childlike but everything I do from now is the last time I will do it.

And I’m guessing the next time I write something it will all be over.  In some ways it seems like an age.  In others, the year since resignation has gone in a flash.  But we are there.  Really.

Two weeks to go


a competent guitarist and an idiot

A mixed week of highs and lows.  Yesterday was my last sports Saturday.  I think I have missed just two Saturdays in three years wandering around all the sports.  It was a gorgeous afternoon, but as expected I had a parent grumble to me.  Every week, without fail, I get someone having a bit of a go.  Mostly they have a point and yesterday was one of those when I felt ‘we really should be doing a bit better’.  And we should.  But I got through it, watched some fun sport and can now put that behind me.

On Monday all of the senior team had supper at our Head’s house.  It was, under the current circumstances, a really fun evening.  ADK and I took along our guitars and we played a bit of everything whilst everyone else sung along.  It was, I guess, a bit of a rabble so don’t tell anyone we’re a music school.  But Andy and I enjoyed ourselves.

The week overall was bathed in glorious sunshine and whilst C was full of beans (running regularly) my head is still not right.  I am now back on snorting salt water and have taken up the herbal remedy of apple cider vinegar!  It’s meant to be good for everything, but specifically sinuses – but still my ears are blocked and my nose drips like a drippy thing.  No sign of a consultant’s appointment……

Today (Sunday) has been a looking forward day.  We have planned out the next three weeks, descaled Doris’ hot water tank with white wine vinegar (did you know that?) and took the air out of the canoe.  After a farewell lunch at the Head’s, which was nice, we took it easy (although I went for a run) and then spent the rest of the afternoon planning our first 3 months.  Which was a big yippee.

And then, asking the question, ‘how many work days do I have left’, the answer was ten and a half.  As a maths teacher I can count this down really easily.  Really easily. That’s a nice warm feeling then.

D-21. Is it really?

D-21 or 18 working days left to go.


we now have our very own attic

It’s been an interesting week. The big issue in the school is here and I am involved in it. It, and other stuff, has kept me busier than I would like in my last few days. But it does make time go quicker.

We now have an attic in the van. It looked like an impossible task but Halfords make a small, rear-opening top box which fits nicely onto the vacant space on the roof. It will take our ski gear and boots, as well as other out of season stuff. The boat (currently inflated to test for leaks) which gave us one major magical moment in Italy a couple of years ago will lie directly on the roof, and the skis to one side. It’s going to be busy up there…


Carboot selfie. Hotter than it looks.

Today was going to be final carboot day. We watched the England game and dragged ourselves into bed at about one, only to be up with the lark at six-thirty. Target this week was a modest £150. And whilst we sold some stuff, and in the sunshine got lobstered where we weren’t covered, we missed the target by £25. As a result we decided to go again in the week after school, but before we leave Wells. This time we’ll make the trip to Bristol and Jen’s place where there is another carboot and a different clientele.

After carbooting we popped to Highbridge and oohed and aarhed at the bigger vans. There was a special big Hymer which looked palatial in comparison to Doris… we promised ourselves to look again next year if we found it all a bit too cramped.

So final couple of weeks. Still can’t get my head round it all.

Till next weekend.

Here kitty

Another week.  Good in the JS with things going well.  Running also picking up inspired by my mate JB who is 5 years older than me and on the run for a year programme (he has to run at least 5 kms every day).  On Friday running with him he clocked up 1000km – special.  He’s also the blooming idiot who has brought an ex-police speed gun van and is turning it into a camper.  It’s bright yellow with hazard stickers and darkened black windows.  Fabulous.

At D-28 the whole escape should be closer to my rear view mirror than it looks, but it seems as distant as ever.  Thought process goes like this: think about July 7th – very quickly, without logic, start thinking about work.  Can you see why I’m going now?



As a distraction C did her Francis of Assisi bit on Friday night.  Just before friends from school arrived for supper she heard a screeching sound from outside.  To cut a long story short after a mad half hour in the bushes with our neighbours we uncovered ‘Gooseberry’, a 4 week old kitten shortly to be at the mercy of the local foxes.  I posted an advert on the school site and the following day one of the matrons collected the kitten and all was well.  This was not before I had grown an attachment to the pest……

This week?  Who knows.  There’s a brewing issue (non-JS) at work that’s likely to loom large and I have the pleasure of going to Millfield to watch our Yr 7 athlete thrash all of the local competition (currently number 3 in the UK listings for U13 girls 800m) – it will be a highlight for me.

Till later.

Just June

Here’s a trivia quiz for you.  Name the film where a non-English speaking national is introduced to a good looking American woman who introduces herself as June Somebody (I’ve forgotten the surname; not important).  The man calls her June Somebody.  She replies, “no, just June”.  He then calls her Just June for the remainder of the film.  It took me ages to dig it out from the interblah, but I found it.  Answer at the end.

We spent the weekend pottering, including a celebratory birthday lunch with Jen (she’s 24 which makes me v old) and James – which was fun.  Got back home to find the mains water pipe had burst again which meant no water for us.  We had picked up Johanna H, one of C’s “girls”, who was down in the West Country on a ‘tour’.  It was lovely to see her and talk about her plans even if none of us could wash properly.

Anyhow, onto the point of the trivia.  Photo below (connect to an original in Jan/Feb sometime) shows the final page of four on our Stage 3 countdown stuck on the kitchen door.  As you can see we only have “Just June” left…….brilliant.


Just June

Hang on.  I’ve decided not to post the answer…..yet.  I’ll see if any of our two readers get the answer and leaves a comment.