Who threw the first (philosopher’s) stone?

That’s another 6am rising. I am turning into my Dad. Shattered by nine, up at six; helped on by the calm weather and light mornings.

I don’t want to get all philosophical, but at about now I am struggling with the oncoming transition. My work, which has always been the centre of my life, still unnecessarily pervades everything I do – it’s the first thing I think of when I wake up, it is the last thing that crosses my mind when I fall asleep. And the JS has brought this into sharp focus as we complete the regime change and I help JB set herself up for her next year. But the future is almost the present and with the Easter hols only days away, being unemployed looms large. How will we cope? What will fill my thoughts when that huge chunk of worry and responsibility is no longer there? What will C and I actually do when we realise that we are not tourists but travelers? Will we slow down so much, we stop?

Am I bothered? No, sod it. We have given and given. Yes, it’s been a blast and our memories are overflowing with experience, people, friends, tough times, fun times, tears and (no where near enough) laughter. But it has taken and taken. It’s our time now. I want to paint, to strum, to walk, to run, to learn, to create and to smile. And I want to do that with C and with our family and friends. Let’s hope there’s enough of that to fill the oncoming tide of time.

Oh no, an email’s just come in………

Eek, another leak

Lovely warm, sunny day which seems to mean we have made it to spring from autumn without a second glance at winter. There has been no discernible frost, but a deluge of rain. It’s been rubbish, but it seems we have been promised sunny days for a while. So I’m not complaining that much.

unnamedI used late this afternoon to clean the roof of the van (so I could fit the new roof bars), starting at the front. Then, for some completely unknown reason, the hexi roof light decided to leak. Not a drip, but a good mug full. There is new sealant around the outside of some of the roof light, so there’s obviously been issues before. I guess I must have knocked some of the old sealant from the original area and opened a hole.

C was down town with Mary who had come down for the weekend (she is getting about which is good) but James and Jen turned up. So James and I went to Shepton to get some sealant (temporary like….) and I slapped some on. Did a bit of research on the web, but no surprises. Have emailed some fixers to see if they can pop over to refit the roof light.

Disappointing, but one of those things I guess. Oh, and it’s D minus something much less than last time I counted.  Yippee!