D minus 164


Beautiful wild camping spot by the seal beach

The last time I posted was about 13 weeks ago. Hence the D minus number has come down quite a bit. However January has been such a poor month that D-Day seems even further away than it seemed before Christmas. Christmas was fun….up to a point. We saw Mum and Dad and then spent 6 days meandering about East Anglia. We found a couple of great wild-camping sites; one right on the beach where we saw seals. However I was suffering from sinusitis (which is still lingering, but nowhere near as bad).


James, Jen and the blooming dog

Christmas included Joy, Malcolm and Karen and it was fun enough. The £15.40 each for presents worked well and we got lots of fresh air looking after Cassie and with the Boxing Day orienteering. Then off to Westward Ho and the start of Black January (still nervous as we’re not at the end of the month yet). Claire fell over walking on the coastal path. I assumed it was a minor strain and we sat in the van watching movies for 4 days. The time was livened by really poor weather and a leaking van. On return (with Mary staying and supper at the Old Spot) we discovered C’s foot was broken and so the palaver over having a plate fitted started. I was still suffering with my head and determined to let people know about it and Jen came down to provide some light relief…….! Work was difficult, weather was poor and all-in-all it was a bit miserable. But I am writing this in a slightly better place. And C has her plaster changed at the end of next week. Planning now for half-term.