Poor old Doris

Poor old Doris. We have a problem with the alarm. It went off on Sunday morning – which I assumed was its irregular ‘just reminding you that I’m here’ noise – but then went off four times in succession on Sunday afternoon when we were at the airport picking up Bex and Steven (great to see them, BTW). I know this because the alarm is linked to a tracking system via a GSM (mobile phone), so it talks to me. It’s all v top-end. I can turn the system off remotely, ask it where it is and other intrusive questions. I’m surprised it hasn’t filed for a divorce.


lunch in Brissol with a couple of Bex’s friends

Anyhow, Jen and I took Monday and Tuesday off (although she put all of our Christmas stock on sale and got rid of most of it) and tried to understand why the alarm was pinging. In the end, after an email exchange and a chat with VanBitz, the alarm installers, I managed to track the fault down to one of the cargo doors – not the main doors. I’ve yet to fix it – I’ve been sewing – but that’s a job for the next couple of weeks.

Whilst I was under Doris looking for alarm wires, I found a damp patch. After initial thoughts of horror – that the shower tray was leaking, I realised the problem was rain coming down a trap and spreading out onto the wooden floor from underneath, It’s a small patch behind the rear wheels on both sides … a design fault. The good thing about Hymers is that there is no wood in the ceiling or walls, just the floor (which is double-thickness). Anyhow I checked with Mr Google and at least one other person has the same issue, although their’s looks much worse than ours. I will hack out the wet bit (about the size of a small hand on both sides), damp proof it and then fill it. Another job for the next couple of weeks.

And then I checked the driver’s front side window which has leaked forever, even before we owned her, which I sealed from the outside last Easter when we were heading for Jen’s wedding in rubbish weather. Sure enough it had started to leak again. This time with stepladders (last time I was on tippie-toes) I have resealed the gap and all seems to be well. Phew. Poor old Doris. What is interesting is that I am much more sanguine about it all – she’s ours now forever, so I’ll just keep patching her up when things start to go wrong.

Last day at work tomorrow with Jen. We sorted out the ‘sweat shop’ today. We need a new table and then we should be all set for the New Year. The three of us are having a ‘business lunch’ tomorrow to talk through our strategy for the New Year. Not wanting to give away our plans to our competitors, we have two projects: dog coats and shock absorbing dog leads. Jen’s onto the first one; me the second. I’m v excited  by it. And tomorrow we have one of our potential ’employees’ coming in for an hour’s worth of instruction. It’s all go.

The family are meeting at Mum and Dad’s on Sunday for an early Christmas lunch. C and I are taking the food. Things don’t sound good there … so I’m not sure how the day’s going to go. We’ll see.

I hope you’ve all got your shopping done?