Merry Chrimbo!

Sorry. Lost the days of the week. C and I have just had a chat about that. She was lost too. But, do you know what? We are so lucky. It doesn’t matter to us. Whilst we have things in the programme (Bex and Steven left us today, she’s back in a couple of days; Mary’s popping along tomorrow and staying overnight; Bex and Steven are both back before NY and then we take them to Heathrow on the 2nd; back to work at Jen’s on the 3rd; Skiing in Chatel between the 11th and the 21st), if we wanted to push off into the sunset we could. How lucky are we?


We’ve had a fab Christmas. Stockings with Bex and Steven first thing, then off to Jen and James’s for lunch and some games, and then back to finish off unpacking pressies here. I have to say I have been royally awarded for moaning like a trooper for the last 15 Chritsmases about how rubbish my presents have been. C got me a Chromecast for the TV and one of them Google speaker things. The latter is the epitome of idleness. I come downstairs to make tea and say ‘OK, Google, play BBC radio 4.’ Next thing that’s what’s happening. It’s pretty strange. Does it record everything we say? If I’m plotting to bring down His Trumpkiness by tanking the world stock markets, does it know? Is he listening? Are Delta Force currently assembling outside of the house, magazines primed and bayonets shining? Or have I been reading too many thriller stories?


Ok, Google …

Talking of which. Books continue to sell at about one a day (5 on Christmas Eve) still without advertising. I did look the other day to do some marketing on Facebook, but I just didn’t have the energy. I’ve also not finished the prologue of Book 5 (now, On The Back Seat To Hell; or, On The Last Train To Hell? – let me know), but I intend to get that done by the end of the weekend. And then edit one … which I’m hoping to have finished by the time we go to Chatel. And then C and I can do edit 2 whilst we’re in the mountains. How good does that sound?

That’s it from me. We watched, with Bex’s recommendation, The Big Short last night. Watch it. It is fab.

Anyhow, of you’ve still got holidays, I hope you’re having a good time.

Till the weekend.