Yeah, like that’s going to happen

This is more like it. We got home from mum’s on Wednesday and, driving into chilly wind and heavy rain, headed off to Herefordshire (where hurricanes hardly ever happen) in Doris. We stayed two nights at a wooded campsite – including a long, long walk up and down dale and along the Wye – and then, for want of any imagination, ended up at John’s site where we sort of lived for over a year. We chose John because we knew what we were getting, particularly a view. And here we are, having had Cassie for the day and walk along the Severn in glorious sunshine.


a walk down the Severn

It doesn’t take much to decompress, and whilst I am still feeling below par, we have both run and I am close to halfway through the final, post-beta reader edit of On The Back Foot To Hell. And Mrs Sun is with us, even if the wind still has a slight chill.

That’s the thing about motorhoming. You can take days off (in our case, years), stay at home and it never feels like a break. There is always something to do. Come away in Doris and all of a sudden the pressure is lifted. C said today that we must do this more often. And then, just now, she said that we shouldn’t look to buy a small place in Spain as we’d always be doing things with it. Let’s just park up in a campsite and do b-all. Yes, that gets my vote. And having Doris allows that to happen.

How’s the book going, Roland? Well I have fallen back in love with the process again. I’m really enjoying reading what I have written … an editing it. It’s funny, but the authors I follow on Twitter are always a bit embarrassed about their work, with questions like ‘do you really like what you’ve written?’ Well, my answer is clear: yes; very much. I love it. And so I should. The clear advice is write what you’d like to read, and that’s exactly what I do do. Tom Clancy is my beacon (actually, early Tom Clancy) and I still think I write a little like him … but clearly on a cheaper laptop.

As such I am re-energised. I am definitely (yeah, it won’t happen) going to spend some time and a bit of cash on marketing the series this autumn. At 5 books, it’s a proper series and I think something to shout about. We’ll see. I said the same thing last year and didn’t get round to it.

Anyhow. We’re here until Tuesday. Then off to Mary’s so that I spend a day at the school on Thursday. And then back to Bristol for the weekend. All the while the clock ticks down to Seoul. Hurrah!