Loving this bit of Scotland

No politics. No politics. No politics.


Loving the coast of Perthshire and Aberdeenshire, so often ignored by most people – us included. I think this must be our tenth trip to Scotland in the/a van and we have never ventured this way. We are, like most folk, attracted to the central highlands and the west coast and islands, all of which are beautiful in their own way.


she’s happier than she looks

But … this coastline is different and special. Think Devon and Dorset – tall cliffs, hawking seabirds, soft brown sandy coves and more village harbours than you can count. It is, even in some rubbish weather, breathtakingly beautiful, especially the northcoast between Fraseburgh and Inverness. And it’s perfect for vanners. The roads are good and there are ample wild camping spots. And very few of us. OK, we are now just outside the summer season, but we have never been with more than two other vans overnight.


The best bit of all are the people. They are all lovely. Chatty, welcoming and, when needed, indifferent to a seven and a half metre long tube of white aluminium and tyres. We have always felt welcomed and never uncomfortable with parking up and lazing along the beach.

We have run, and walked Cassie – she’s completely knackered. We have got up late (8.30 – yippee!) and read books. And I am one-fifth of the way through Unsuspecting Hero – the rewrite. And still loving that.

We need to be in Skye next weekend to meet up with Jen and James, and so will leave the IMG_20190830_084932928_HDRcoast tomorrow or the day after and then push off into them there hills. And then meander through the Highlands stopping here and there.

It has already been a touch rejuvenating. I think at the end of four weeks, we will be ready to take on the world …

… and politics? Well. No. I don’t think I’ll bother.