A new chapter

I’ve had my first rejection from a independent publisher for For Good Men To Do Nothing. Seven more to go! The plan will be to self-publish later Spring, early summer if nothing comes my way.

We’re in the house – just. We had a couple of days with Mary, we stopped at a school in Hampshire so I could mentor a Deputy Head for an hour and a half, and we eventually made it to ‘The Cottage’ late Friday night.

There’s a lot to do. Having emptied the attic I relaid the floor and fitted a ladder and a new light. And then we repacked everything we had – and some more which poured out of Doris, and stacked it v neatly in plastic boxes in the roof. And there’s much more room for other stuff up there which we will eventually take out of the garage. Doris has been emptied. And I have sorted her for an MoT tomorrow. Tomorrow is ‘Blue Week’ at school, which means I am not working on Monday – but I’m going to pop in and sort out some admin. I am going to cycle (everyday), which, with an electric bike, shouldn’t be an issue. I think it’s about 6 miles. If that doesn’t work I’ll get a moped. But I think the bike will be fine.


I miss this. Really. I do. Bigly.

And I’ve just finished ‘lesson planning’ for Tuesday.  I use the term v loosely. I won’t get into a deep discussion about the pros and cons of lesson planning. With 8 year’s experience I’m pretty confident that I can teach the students what they need to know without extensive planning. The problem with having a set menu is that it doesn’t easily allow you to drift when the class needs to go in a new direction. We’ll see.

Anyhow, that’s enough from me. A new chapter. C’s v excited. Me? Well, when I was in Doris this afternoon sorting her for her MoT I got a real pang of excitement from when we were in Croatia for a month in June. The original plan, before I decided to become a teacher, was that about now we were going to be heading off to Spain until the summer. Mmmmm. I’m not sure what I prefer. But, with my contract only short term (till the summer) we could be off on a ‘bigly’ trip in the autumn.