There’s a special place in hell …

Of course there is. And, if you’re a snowflake of a Brexiteer you can pervert Donald Tusk’s statement to say that he said that about all of you wonderful people who voted to leave.



He said there was a special place in hell for hard Brexiteers who voted to leave without a plan as to how to pull it off. And he’s right. No plan = chaos, a possible slip into recession, the loss of many many jobs, food shortages, did I mention chaos, shortages of medicine, etc, etc? So … there’s a special place in hell for those of you who are more than happy that we break away from the best customs union we could belong to without a sensible plan to replace it.

We had a chat to C’s cousin, Eva, the other day. Apparently because their grandfather is Irish they may be able to apply to become Irish citizens. Good. The question is can I get a passport too if I’m married to an Irishwoman? She has the hair and the temperament for it, so I deserve some recompense …


doing my bit for the British economy

I’ve just had a long day at my school in Farnham (a 7.30 start). And I made a load of leads and collars on Wednesday morning for Cubblys – and I shall make some more stuff tomorrow (we’re at Mary’s at the mo). It has been busy.


on the way home from Farnham today

The consultancy stuff is fun. I saw eight folk today, of varying ranks and specialities. For my part it’s mostly listening, and offering bits of advice here and there. I don’t charge a great deal, but it’s not bad for a day’s work … and I do come away with a feeling that I am making a bit of a difference.  I have more work this month (a 360 degree appraisal for a deputy) and another full day clinic in April, so it’s all keeping me in a bit of beer money (which I use to pay off the mortgage!).

Anyhow, now that I’ve got the Brexit thing off my chest I feel a little better. I could go on about His Donaldness and the SOTU (State of the Union). But instead I’ll let you know that I have 5 beta readers lined up to look over book 5, which I should have ready by the end of the month. When it’s away being read I shall write the blurb and have a go at the cover.

Hurrah from me!