Chest infection 1 – Roland 0

I succumbed today. I thought I was through the worst yesterday, but woke up today hacking up stuff that shouldn’t have been there. I went for a walk this morning, in beautiful sharp frosty conditions and after 4 kms I was no good for anyone. So we both went and registered at our new doctors, I was given a mid-pm appointment and the next thing I know I’m walking out with 7 day’s worth of antibiotics. Brill. Can you imagine living in  a country (let’s chose the US) where some people can’t do that, because they can’t afford it? Who have to suffer with an infection and hope that their bodies can cope? Well done the NHS and the nurse practitioner who had me in and out of the surgery like I was on a skateboard.


we’ve been looking after the cat


that’s how I’ve been feeling. This is Christmas Day

Yesterday we drove to Dorset to spend a Chritsmassy day with C’s middle sister – which was fun. They both read a lot and her husband loves Sam Green. You can’t tell me that enough. And, do you know what? After a couple of weeks of poor sales (say one book every 3 days) I’m now back in the money: somewhere between 2 and 4 books a day. I can’t tell you why, except it’s the holidays and maybe everyone’s reading. Whatever it’s good news. I’d forgotten how much I’d missed it.

Jan and James have eventually moved all their stuff out. We have our v expensive Siemens washer/dryer coming in a minute (John Lewis – returns. Always ask. They have a warehouse of stuff which is 25% off) and, having spent £50 on a fridge/freezer that came off a back of a lorry, we had a new one of those arrive today. V nice.

The next couple of days are for sorting stuff out, and then we’re off to old pals of ours for New Year (v posh: dinner jackets. I can’t find one of those – it’s somewhere, but I have a suit.  That’ll have to do). And then skiing! Hurrah! Hopefully by then the tablets will have done their stuff.

C, by the way, is fine. She’s built of sterner stuff. That’s good news then.


Yo-ho-ho. Don’t you hate chest infections? I’m coughing up all manner of green stuff that should, frankly, be in a horror movie. I’ve had it for a week and whilst it’s not tying me to our new bed (in our new house), it’s taken the wind out of my sails – which isn’t great for Christmas. C, bless her, is full of the joys of Spring and looking after me better than I deserve.

We have decided that the house is going to be small, but fine. It has, as most houses do, everything we need. Any more space would do two things: incline us to fill it with stuff we don’t need; ensure that we have have to clean and maintain it. That’s what happens. There must be a law named after it, I dunno, the ‘law of expanding rooms, stuff and responsibility’. Or similar. Of course, in an ideal world you would have your big house when you were young and needed to lose the children in a wing for an afternoon – and then downsize to a shoe box, so you can worry less about maintenance and get out more. Unfortunately, life’s not like that…

Well, I must go and cough some more. Hopefully I’ll get rid of this blooming thing before we hit the slopes.


The slopes. Mmmmm – there’s a thought.

Happy Christmas to all of you.