Even if I say so myself …


still running

I have to say I am quite proud of myself. Over the past two weeks I’ve taken on two newish strands of work: an afternoon with a group of governors and a senior team, facilitating an away afternoon; and a group 360 for an MOD/civil service team that need some support. Both of those was new work for me …

… and both have, I think, been a success. I’ve been asked back to the school to carry out some mentoring (week after next). And I met with the 1-star MOD boss on Friday (to look over my 7-page report) and she’s asked me back to their next senior team meeting and likely some coaching/overviewing in January. Fabulous (I think). The boss was also going to share my report with some v senior MOD staff, so something may come from that. I know I’ve gone on about ‘whether or not this is what I want’, and after five years of pottering along with this business I’m busier than I have ever been, but it’s just great to feel that I’m making a difference. Even with new stuff.

For completeness, and I guess one or two of you may be interested, I charge £40 an hour (£150 for a report), which ends up as £320 a day, which is very much at the left hand end of consultancy fees. I also charge 40p a mile, which is industry standard.

So, we’ll see. The thing is, I do enjoy the work … and it’s good to be able to walk away from work rather than, as always used to be the case, being left with actually seeing through the changes.

Apart from that, I’ve had 5 days not writing. So I kicked off again yesterday (2,000 words) and got to the end of the day and thought it was the worst thing I’d written in a while. I added another 2,000 words today and, do you know what?, it’s not at all bad. I’m at 102,000 words at the moment. I’ll easily need 120,000 to finish this off, maybe more like


C’s getting new boots!

130,000. I’m going to push the boat out and really try to get this thing done by Christmas. Then I’m on a reread of the new Unsuspecting Hero plus a look over On The Back Foot To Hell, before I look to start the first main edit of the latest book (no title yet).

Oh … and C got herself some new ski boots. And we’ve been running etc.

Off to Mary’s tomorrow for her birthday party. I’m at a school on Tuesday and we’re back to vote on Thursday. That’s going to be an interesting day …

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