Scotland here we come …

So. I had a really good day yesterday at a prep school in Wiltshire. I was asked to run an activity afternoon for the governors and senior leadership team. I did this (having attended the main governors’ meeting in the morning) by looking at the capability gap


I like pictograms …

between their, good, school and what they might consider a ‘great’ school. In two teams we then identified actions required to make that happen … and colour coded those by way of how much they thought each action might cost. And then we put those actions onto a time/effectiveness chart. To finish we identified 10 actions the school could be getting on with, noting time and cost constraints.

Phew … that was three hours. Which I really enjoyed. The feedback was good and, on the back of it, I’ve been asked back to do some mentoring.


if the weather gets any worse, I’m emigrating

Next is my team 360 with the small civil service group the week after next. And, of course, the ongoing work I’ve been doing with the school in Farnham. I had a full day with them on Thursday and I’m going back before Christmas. It is, as they say, all go.

Is this what I want?

Maybe. Maybe for the next couple of years. It’s more than possible this will fizzle out … and the choice will be made for me. Who knows. And, as long as we can get skiing and pop Doris over to Spain to warm her tyres, then it might just be a good balance. We’ll see.

Other than that I have tried to write. I missed Thursday and Saturday because I was out all day. And, whilst I have completed 1,500 words today, I will miss tomorrow as I’m driving up to Mum’s. C will be at Jen’s place … we’re looking after the menagerie, whilst her and James have a week in Longleat, Centre Parcs. So that’s one dog, two cats and a rabbit to look after. Hopefully they’ll all still be with us when Jen and James come back on Friday (she did lose a rabbit the other day, so the plan’s not necessarily foolproof).

And politics? Well, come on. If, after everything we know, this country is still keen to give the Tories a majority and we crash out of Europe, who am I to complain?

Scotland here we come …

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