Money, money, money …

IMG_20191028_152021455_HDRYou’ll be pleased to hear that I’m off my high horse. Although, now we know there’s an election in December, it is tempting to rattle off my prediction: it’ll be a hung parliament, with Tories, Labour, Lib Dems and Brexit all getting seats, but no majority. The question then is, noting where we are with Brexit, who might form a majority coalition? The problem is that Corbyn is such a weak leader (and his politics are left of Stalin) that I can see a Tory/Brexit party thing happening and us leaving the EU with Johnson’s deal.

Ho hum?

Other than that …

I’ve been feeling just off par. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but after a couple of decent runs I’m not quite myself. Oh well.

We’ve had some admin days. I’ve descaled Doris’s water heater. That requires ten litres of water, two litres of white vinegar and a wet suit. It, as always, didn’t quite go to plan and there was a lot of mopping up to do. You put 1:5 ratio of vinegar to water into the system and then heat it up … just like you would a kettle. But I don’t want any vinegar in


wet suit required

the main tank and so always pull the pump out and put it in a bowl of water. Which often means that more ends up on the floor than in the tank. Anyhow, you heat the water, leave it for a couple of hours and then rinse the system. Which I did. Hopefully all is well … and the smell of vinegar in Doris gets toned down with age.

We’re still uming and ahhing about going away for a week (Tunisia/Turkey) at the end of next week. It is possible – that’s the beauty of our flexibility. Although the diary is filling up. I might have a couple of days work with the Civil Service (leadership consultancy) between now and Christmas and possibly a little bit more school work. Which is all good – provided it doesn’t get ahead of itself.

And I completed our self-assessment tax returns and sorted my state pension. (eh – yippee.)

Now you will probably know this. And I did, but it’s taken me some time to sort. If you earn less than the top rate of income tax – £50k (pick me) – and your spouse earns less than the introductory rate – £12.5k (pick C) – then she can gift you 10% of her personal allowance, which is about £250 in cash. Well, when I was completing last year’s return yesterday, the lovely lady on the phone said she’d sort it for us. So, not only will we pay £250 less tax this year, we are likely to get up to four years rebate. Hurrah!

Insofar as pension, this is also interesting. Even though us military types paid national insurance, we don’t get the full pension allowance. Which means we are short on years for a full state pension. Me: 7 years short, that’s a prediction of £5k a year rather than £8k. Originally, I was looking to buy back those years (you can only buy back the last 3 years, apparently), but they cost £780 a year – a figure which rises with inflation. However … and my son-in-law’s dad told me this … because I am self employed I can pay Class II national insurance. Which I sort of knew, and I thought I was. But I had never formally registered.

As of yesterday I’m registered. And let me tell you that Class II NI is £140 a year, not £780. Phew. (It does go up if you earn more than £6k a year, and I’m not sure by how much.) So, I’ve paid last year as part of my self-assessment and will pay for the next six years … and hey presto!

Anyhow, Jen has been with us for a couple of days. She wanted to go shopping in Cribbs with C – and James came with her last night for supper.


Jen = Cassie as well

Next? I’m off to Bristol first thing tomorrow to meet up with Elizabeth, my old boss, for coffee. And we’re travelling to C’s sister on Friday to watch the rugby (Saturday) and then to Mary’s to go/take her to a party on Sunday.

As always, it’s all go here.

2 thoughts on “Money, money, money …

  1. I am in no doubt that this General Election is actually the unofficial ‘people’s Vote’ referendum and that is what the Nation will be voting on. As I see it, Corbyn’s sitting on the fence throughout this whole Sorry affair may just be his undoing. The question is, how many Labour Remainers will go with the Lib Dems and how many Labour Leavers will go with the Tories, just to get Brexit done or undone. It will take a small miracle for Lib Dems to get more seats than the Conservatives, but if they did, then they would get a lot of support for revoking Article 50 from SNP, DUP, Independents, Welsh Party, Green Party and even some Tory Rebel remainers. But if Boris wins more seats, but not a majority, it will depend on just how many because a coalition with Farage may still not give him the numbers he needs to get the Withdrawal Bill through without the Amendments he doesn’t want. We return to U.K. temporarily on 18th December, thankfully the General Election will be over and done with, but not sure that anything on the Brexit front will have been resolved, still a buggers muddle as far as I am concerned 🙄

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