Red letter day


On The Back Foot To Hell

This is a book about greed. And fear. It’s a book about tenacity. And mental health. In the end it’s a book that sees Sam Green, the unwitting star of four previous encounters with global antagonists, taken to the point from where she might never recover. It is more than a spy-thriller. It’s a story of PTSD. Of OCD and autism. It’s the story of a woman who has nothing left to live for, who finds herself where even that is taken from  her.

As promised On The Back Foot To Hell is published today. You can buy your copies here: ebook copy: £3.49 and paperback copy: £11.99. Please note that I do not make any money on the paperbacks – the cost is in the ‘print to order’ and delivery from Poland. In the next couple of days Amazon will bring the two formats together. In the meantime there are two different addresses.

Phew. It’s not been without effort and I didn’t finish my last edit/proof until yesterday, but I made my target publication date. Hopefully, for those of you who follow the series, you’ll have something to get your teeth into on the beach. I really hope you enjoy it … and please, please pen a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads if you get the chance. It makes such a difference.

I’m spent with words … I hope you understand. For the record we have been pottering around the house. Jen and James came for supper last night and today, by way of a day off, I met up with an old army pal (on my bike) and we had a lovely day pottering around the Cotswolds.

More detail on Sunday. Enjoy Sam Green!


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