We live in two separate worlds

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Good news! I eventually sorted the book cover for On The Backfoot To Hell. It wasn’t without tears, and the outcome may not be perfect, but it is done. I have ordered a proof copy which should be with me early next week. My aim is then to sit down and read it in a oner, make any final adjustments and then print and be damned. I hope that is before the 1 August deadline I have imposed upon myself. We’ll see. The sooner I become a bestselling author and have a team of people doing that for me the better. It’s only a matter of time. Surely?

In between all that we have moved to Mary’s via one of C’s girls from school (now married with a child … we are getting old) to help out with her summer party. [I am penning this post the party and all has been well; even Mrs Sun came round and showed off her knickers.]

At the party I was advised by someone who reads my blog that I really ought to steer clear of politics. And I can see that. But it’s tricky when there is so much of it about – all of it awful. For example. There’s the Trump plastic straws. Have you heard about that? Apparently you can order 10 Trump-monogrammed, red plastic straws for $15. This is because, according to the blurb, ‘Liberal paper straws don’t work’. All of the profits go to his re-election campaign.

Shall we just let that sink in, shall we?

C and I loved SE Asia, but one of the abiding memories was the waste. There is so much plastic … shops stick everything in bags and then stick the bags in a bag. Allegedly 75% of the plastic in the oceans of the world drains out of three rivers from Indo-China. I’m not surprised. There is no working rubbish collection (there’s a little in Vietnam) that we could see. And people drop their litter without a second thought. It was, let me tell you, a relief to get off the plane at Heathrow and know that the kerbs would mostly be free from plastic. Mostly.

Here in the UK we have, pretty much, embraced waste disposal and recycling. Plastic straws have yet to be resigned to the pages of a history book, but the sentiment to do so is there. Actually, good on them, there were many bars in SE Asia that served bamboo straws … some, the lovely metal ones. So the sentiment is wider than just the West. That’s because nearly all plastic straws are one-use only, they cannot be recycled and they end up in rivers, in seas, in oceans and eventually inside a marine animal which may then die. Straws are an unnecessary luxury … plastic straws are a scourge. Let’s get rid of them. Drink out of a cup – preferably something which is multi-use or easily recycled – and be done with the straws.

Come on, people. It’s not difficult.

(And then do away with plastic bags, recycle all your food waster, switch off unnecessary lights, turn off the taps whilst cleaning your teeth and having a shower, throw your sink water onto the garden rather than use a hose, recycle everything … I could go on).

But mostly, just for me, don’t buy plastic straws – and ask that your McDonald’s coke cup come without a plastic lid. You really don’t need one.

Don’t use straws. Please.

Back to His Orangeness. The leader of the free world.

He’s the bloke who’s meant to set an example for the rest of us to follow. He knows there’s too much plastic in the sea. He can see that from his golf course at Mar-a-Lago. And he knows that plastic straws are part of the problem.

But he doesn’t like snowflake liberals. Especially those in California who have past a law which bans plastic straws (to stop them from getting into the water streams and killing marine life – good choice). So, rather than lead us to a better place – ‘cos, as we all know there is no Planet B – he resorts to childish, spiteful rhetoric promoting something so anti-today that you have to ask yourself whether or not he and his supporters actually give a damn.

Red plastic straws with ‘Trump’ on them.

I really despise the man …

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