Is there a doctor in the house?

Something akin to normality has hit the Ladley household. We got back from mum’s on Thursday and since then, after a massive ‘unpack’, we’ve been doing normal things. Like: today we took the trike out and, in the presence of a beaming Mrs Sun, rode a picnic down the Wye Valley. It was lovely, and the bike grows on us every time we use it. The good thing is, unlike the car, I can only hear half of C’s instructions. Actually, on reflection that’s not such a good thing as she jabs me in the side when I’m going too quickly, turning too sharply or braking too hard. I will be permanently bruised.


the Wye Valley looking all gorgeous

Talking of medical conditions, is there a cardiologist or immunologist in the house? The good news is my heart is back to normal. Completely. Those three weeks of fluttering, which included a miserable self-admission into Southmead and an almost ‘turn back’ from Scotland when I woke at one in the morning with my heart on a completely different hymn sheet to the rest of me, were really uncomfortable. Unnecessarily so. And yet, for the past two weeks where none of the environmental factors have changed, I forget that it’s there (thankfully it still is …).

So, why? Well here’s our theory. The first session I had was in the evening after the morning when I’d had the MMR vaccine (for SE Asia). I remember that session really acutely (obviously) and since then, after a peak at 10 days, it’s gradually got back into rhythm until … zip; nothing. Now, I’v done some research. There are countless recorded incidences of post-MMR vaccine reactions. One of which was sudden heart-stop (followed, not long after, by death) and another of fibrillation. There have been thousands of other reactions and all of these could have been caused by all manner of environmental factors, so there’s no proof that MMR is the issue.

But, it’s strange, isn’t it? Anyhow if you don’t know, MMR is a live vaccine and given in two shots. The first covers you 95% and the second the final top up. I’m due my top-up in a week and faced with a decision between sudden death and a 5% chance of catching mumps, measles or rubella, call me cautious but I’ve decided to opt for the latter. We shall see. thoughts welcome.

Finally we’ve being doing a lot to Doris on the roof. I’ve resealed all of the roof lights with Sikaflex and taken the satellite dish apart, oiled and greased it, and stuck it back together again. I’m not sure how long before it starts to moan again … and then stop, but it’s working perfectly at the mo.



And we’ve put the trike on the trailer. It’s a really easy job. The trailer comes with a winch and you just clip the bike on a pull it up the ramp. I’ve yet to fix it to the back of Doris yet, and reversing is going to be a whole new art form, but practice will make perfect.

Tomorrow is ‘new back gate’ day. It’s the last major job in the house. I’m making a gate from scratch, which will put my DIY skills to the test, and probably mean another visit to the hospital. We shall see. Photos to follow.


me and chief rib-poker

I hope Mrs Sun is out with you at the moment. Clearly there will be a time when global warming is the death of us. In the meantime we might as well brown our knees whilst we can.

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