Scotland. What to say, apart from we only managed one out of three weeks because of mum and dad, but more of that later. My brother doesn’t give it time of day, and I can see why the weather and the midges might deter some. But for us the combination of fabulously old mountains – greens and brown dusted with snow – the dark blue lochs with hidden monsters, and sparkling clear seas floating above white sands always makes it special. Oh, and the rain. And the five degree drop in temperature. And the wind. Lots of wind.


west coast – fab

But, do you know what? We walked and ran and cycled – every day. We found new places, better places … strange places. We wild camped for four nights, parked on a friend of C’s drive for another and stayed in two lovely Caravan Club sites (now the Caravan and Motorhome Club – can’t miss then: more signs than a nuclear power station) with fabulous showers and ever-so-slightly over-attendant attendants.



We left on Friday to travel to Bristol and then turn round to get to mum and dad’s yesterday. On the way we picked up the trailer for our Piaggio mp3 trike. Built buy Armitage (and sold, almost new by a chap in Doncaster) it is fab. I’ll elucidate more once I’ve managed to put the bike on top (via a winch), but Doris pulled the bikeless trailer behind without a by-your-leave. When we next go on our ‘big tour’, we’ll be the business: big van pulling a motorbike. You won’t miss us when we pull up. And, as you can see from the photo, the trailer lives on its end when not in use. What’s not to like?


And dad. We didn’t expect him to be with us now and it is a bonus that he is. But not for long, I fear. He was v poorly today and pretty much unresponsive … and in a lot of pain. Mum and I will speak with the doctor tomorrow and see what the plan is. There seems little chance that he will come out of hospital and, certainly mum will not be able to cope if he does. I think we’ll have to have a frank discussion tomorrow.

Politics? Well, what can I say? His Orangeness thinks wind farms give you cancer, unlike the by-product(s) of fossil fuels, which clearly have not over-heated the planted and do not spew out particulates that infest young lungs. What hope do we have? What really pisses me off … sorry … is that this is not our planet. It belongs to the sperm whale with plastic in its stomach, dead on a beach somewhere, the disappearing insects and the hedgehogs who are still elusive. The arrogance of our race, and particularly our leaders, who opt for short termism over our children’s future. I do not get it.

And, as for Brexit, well what can you say? Jacob Rees Mogg says, should we have to go through the process of electing MEPs, those selected should do as much damage as possible to the institution in Brussels whilst they’re there.

What? Really? How hateful is that?

No wonder my heart is dancing to its own tune, although to be fair, after a rubbish Friday, Saturday was better and today you wouldn’t think there was a problem. I have scratched my head as to what environmental factors may have influenced how my ticker behaves, but other than a cup of caffeinated tea on Thursday evening, I can’t put my finger on anything. We’ll see.

We’re here in Great Bentley for at least a couple of weeks, assuming we – that is C and I and mum – remain harmonious. Mum, bless her, is old and frail … and cantankerous. And she can say hurtful things, especially after a glass of wine. But she’s in a difficult place; we will make it work.

A day at a time.

5 thoughts on “Scotland-Doncaster-Bristol-Essex

  1. Hi Roland.
    Tree understanding environmental influence on your ody there is nothing better than a diary log. Yiu cannot pissibly remeber everything you have eaten and done each day in the sort of detail that assists analysis. You might also take a look at the food labels on your processed food… since high sugar and high GI foods may have an inflammatory effect or high blood sugar rush that ake a difference. Look for combinations… ie moderate stress/tension that you can cope with fine usually PLUS high GI times may be a dodgy combo for example.

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

      • I found a goodcarticle on the blood sugar rush issue from processed overly simple carbs, and sent it to Claire’s messenger via a link. Couldn’t find your private email this am.
        My typos are quite something… it’s these tiny touch screens that befuddle my messages.
        It was several weeks of careful diary tracking of potential factors that enabled me to isolate the culprits for my particular symptoms.
        We’re back on 12th… having given NZ a thorough looking at – good enough to know we are not racked with envy for folk who are allowed to live here. Nice way to miss the uk winter tho.
        On physiological matters, Ruby Wax has done a very readable couple of books on mindfulness meditation, should you wish to explore that as a way of internal state management… v good for bringing down one’s intensity of pitch when thinking about a lot of complex and important matters. That in itself creates physiological tension, which is different to stress caused by external stressors – its more a type of arousal born out of intellectual focus and intensity… highly likely your sort of arousal in my humble view. (I am thinking that despite this being petsonal content, you as master of your blog can tead and delete coments that you wish to disappear from public view… apologies if this is not the case).
        All the best,

    • First … I can’t thank you enough for looking out from me. Second, I’m going to leave this up for others to read as it’s all part of the story. Third, have a safe trip back. We’ll see you on your return and we can continue this discussion. It’s sooner than my NHS appt which is not until mid-May! I’ll look at C’s FB message this morning. Safe travels.

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