Wistful thinking

There is still a big part of me that just wants to travel. I’ve spent a good few hours in Doris over the past week, fixing things, fitting a new mattress (IKEA double replacing the two Hymer single foam ones) and making stuff for Jen using her as a workshop. Whilst we live in the least complicated of houses – 5 rooms, one of which is a bathroom/loo, there is something about the simplicity of vanlife that shouts loudly. You are restricted to what you can do domestically, so you spend your time outside … or just reading, or similar. In a house, even one as small as ours, there’s something to do. Something to paint, to clean. Moreover, if you do sit and read, something is nagging at you … ‘why are you sat there. Do something!’.


it took me 20 minutes to clear Doris’s roof

In a van the vista changes. There is always a different view, one which you never tire of, because if you do you move on. I spent ages just staring out of Doris’s huge front window, with a pair of binos in hand. And sleeping is cocoon-like. Her double bed is raised to allow for a garage. It’s big, but the low ceiling feels comfortable. Like being back in the womb … Freud and Oedipus springs to mind.

So why aren’t we travelling? What’s stopping us parking up on the Costa Notalot and browning our knees? Good question. I suppose part of it is recharging the whole travelling bug batteries … probably more for C than me. Second are the work and family commitments we have here. Of course we only have one shot at this life, and we would be on the spot at the time of crisis when we were needed. But Jen’s business, my parents etc are all good reasons to apply the handbrake.  But are the great reasons? At the moment, yes, especially as we are planning 2.5 weeks in Scotland just before Easter, and our 6-weeks in SE Asia (not in the van) over the summer. But I do feel a long trip coming up. Ten weeks would be good – Brexit dependent. We’ll see what 2020 looks like.


the snow is leaving us slowly

We’ve had snow here, more than most places. Thursday was a beautiful white out. Friday more of the same, with Cassie (who is now back with Jen and James) enjoying the snow. Yesterday was beautifully clear as was today with the snow and ice lingering on. It’s warmer now and more so tomorrow. Good because I’m up with Jen Monday/Tuesday then off to Mary’s Wednesday for a day at my Farnham school Thursday … then Mum and Dad’s for the weekend. All good.

And the books? Well, C has finished Book 5 and likes it … which is a good sign as she does have a habit of telling me when it’s not so. I’m a fifth of the way through edit 2 and I’ve started to prime my beta readers for a look-see at the end of Feb. If that goes well I’ve got a couple of months for a proofread, blurb writing and prepping the cover. And, all being well, it’ll be on the shelves in July as always. Then …

… book 6? Why not?