Mmm, someone’s calling

We’re travelling again, but not in the way that really inspires me. I’m typing this in the car (which has a nasty grating noise coming from its front-right wheel on braking …. mmm, must get that investigated) as we head off down to Surrey for me to spend a full-day with the school tomorrow conducting a 360 degree report. Thankfully we can stay at Mary’s, and we’re having supper tonight (on the way) with an old nursing pal of C’s. Should be fun. But, I think my point is that as I follow a small group of people on their blogs (currently in Spain, Spain, France and Morocco) I start to feel that I might have got my priorities wrong? Although, with Mrs Sun doing her thing over the weekend and now, at least we’re not overburdened with rainy gloom and slushy pavements,


I forgot to mention we took Tuesday off and cycled into Bristol (8 miles each way) and this fab group were busking bluegrass as we ate our lunch

But, the idea of watching the sunset over the Portuguese Atlantic or listening to the slap and run of the Med tickling the sand and pebbles of the Costa del Expat, is very enticing. We have spent some time in Doris over the past week, sorting this and that, and she has a magnetic lure which whispers sweet somethings … along the lines of ‘You know you really don’t have to work at the school or support Jen. You can write to your heart’s content anywhere in the world. I’ve heard that southern Spain is particularly nice this time of year.’ It’s like an addiction. The bottle of booze calling from the back of the cupboard. Grrr.

We still have some things we want to do in Doris. First I’m determined to reseal all of the toplights and seams on her roof. I have bought both black and white sikaflex and, next week provided the forecast rain holds off, I shall be up there cleaning and gluing. Doubtless I will make a mess of it as sikaflex, which is the only external sealant and glue you should ever buy, will always find exposed skin, clothes and anything you really don’t want it to find. But it also does a good job on the thing you actually want to stick/seal.

We want to cover seats again. C has bought the necessary cloths from IKEA. We just need to get on with it.

And, and it’s a big and, I want to take out the 2500W inverter and super-fast battery charger and revert to her original set up. It’s complicated, but in short the super-fast battery charger charges lead-acid batteries far too quickly – and I can fix that. And the inverter has no off button, so when you plug her into the mains, should the system trip (which it does, every so often), the inverter kicks in and drains the batteries far more than you would wish. Now I’m not sure I’m up for this job, and I may need some help, but I’m pretty determined to do it.


C made herself ‘dress one’ for our summer trip. Fab

Other than that we have been out a lot. Supper with pals last week, lunch out on Sunday with a school-family we know who have just, very sadly, lost their husband/dad (hence, I guess, my desire to travel again … none of us know how much time we have), and out to supper tonight and on Friday night with Army pals, Al and Annie. He’s been promoted and has taken a job in Riyadh where they lived earlier on when he was a senior bod in the embassy. Good. For him … and us. We really want to do Riyadh (and Abu Dabi).

That’s it, I think. All go here. It was lovely to see C’s sister at the weekend and, leaving aside global warming, it is fab to have the weather. Enjoy it whilst it lasts!

2 thoughts on “Mmm, someone’s calling

  1. You need to be in Benidorm! 26 degrees and endless sun. Surprised by how beautiful the Costa Brava is and how amazing our campsite, Villasol, is too. Beautiful mountains to cycle and walk up, walk to wall sun, incredibly cheap to stay, eat and drink too. Defies all the dreadful stereotypical impressions and has just four days a year without sunshine. Bliss!

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