Politics … I wish it were quieter

I know that most of you will have had enough of my political meanderings but, let’s face it, there’s a lot of it about at the mo.


a picture of a local flower before I bore you with politics

Shamima Berum. Now there’s a story. What I don’t get is the press reporting that the public don’t want her back in the UK, and that Sajid Javid has bowed to popular opinion by removing her citizenship. Well, no offence all of you, but that’s not my opinion. And I reckon I’m not alone. And it’s not about the fact that us snowflaking liberals think she deserves a second chance. Or that, like a Nazi wife, if she’s not pulled a trigger she shouldn’t be held to the same set of rules as their really unpleasant husbands. I’m clear …  she deserves to be subject to the full force of the law and dealt with accordingly.

It’s not about that. It’s about two much more important things.

First, she’s ours. and we are a grown up country (tee-hee, looking at Brexit …). By banishing her to the third poorest country in the world, Bangladesh, we’re passing a buck which should not be passed. Who do we think we are? ‘You have her! We don’t want her.’ Well, sorry, but that’s neither fair, nor what a first-world country should do.

Second, what message are we sending to the almost-radicalised? What about her family and friends in the UK? And the extended ex-Bangladeshis in and around the country? What are they now thinking? I’ll tell you what they’re thinking. ‘My country doesn’t like Muslims. This is how they treat our sister. A woman with a child.’ I know I overstate this here, but the rule of thumb is for every terrorist you kill, you spawn five more. Not bringing Shamima Berum home is sending all the wrong messages and encouraging radicalisation.

As for her poor child. It’s not the kid’s fault. And if it grows up to be a nomadic Islamist, I’m pretty sure it will not look kindly on its nation.

And all because the right-wing xenophobes are shouting the loudest. Shame.

Moving on, and briefly staying on politics. I don’t know what the eleven independents stand for, but I’m voting for them. The choice appears to be the caricatures of Johnson, Rees-Mogg and Corbyn … all of whom have agendas to which I cannot subscribe. Or a new grouping which finds the middle ground. I reckon the eleven will soon be twelve … and then there may be a tipping point. We’ll see.

On, on.

We had a lovely walk on Sunday at the Newport Wetlands and then popped and saw an old army pal of ours, Daren (his wife was working locally). Daren is a few years behind us … and is just a couple of years away from pushing off into the sunset in their Hymer. They’re v excited, a feeling I remember well. Between now and then they have a number of trips planned. Today, for example, they’re heading to the Alps skiing in her! We’ve never skied from a van and it took monumental effort not to say ‘sod it’, load the van and follow them south.

This week has been a day at a school, two days with Jen and today, a day pottering around in the summer sunshine (that what it feels like). We’ve laid some grass seed down in the back garden, cleaned the car and I did some work in Doris … just messing.

C’s sister, Annie, is down tomorrow for the weekend, which will be nice.

Oh. And we’ve had a flirtation with solar panels on the roof. I’ve had a couple of quotes, including fitting a battery to store excess sunshine. The cost is between £5 and 7.5k, which would save us in the order of £350 a year in electricity. The maths doesn’t make sense (pay back takes as long as 15 years), so any decision would be about spending some money for the benefit of the world, which is not a bad reason, but … it’s a lot of thousands of pounds. No decision yet.

Have a great end of week.

8 thoughts on “Politics … I wish it were quieter

  1. You made no mention of Mr T this time Roland, a man who very publicly stated that EU Countries had a responsibility to take back these people, but since then has refused to have a USA citizen returned ?

    It is quite a contentious issue about this Miss Berum, she had the presence of mind to lie to her parents and willingly took a flight to Turkey, then onward to Syria. She was not forced or abducted. She knew her Dutch husband was an ISIS Terrorist Fighter, she was happy living in that community and to live a happy and normal life and would still be doing so (her own words). She shows no remorse or regret for her actions. Now how the hell do we de-radicalise someone like that ?

    If she is permitted to return, and retain her British Citizenship, will she actually be prosecuted for anything as she has not actually broken any law that can be proven ? But the feeling against her is such that, will we, the British Taxpayer, if she returns here, end up paying to have her protected from retribution ? Could we end up protecting an ISIS supporter and, if her husband, an ISIS Terrorist, ever finally gets released would she have the right, as a British Citizen, and under Human Rights Law, be permitted to have her husband come and live in this Country ?

    Lots of moral soul searching on this one I’m afraid 🤔

    • All good points Eric. And, yes, this would not be without cost. But, I still think it’s the grown up thing to do, and I also think it’s the best thing to do insofar as (not) ferrmenting future terrorists.

      As for Trump. He’s an idiot. You can guarantee what he’s going say, or agree to one moment to the next.

      • As my mother would say to them, “You made your bed, now you can lay in it”. You think we can stop people from becoming radicalised by re-importing already radicalised, unrepentant and remorseless individuals back in to the Country ? I am not sure that is the message we should be sending out 🤔

  2. 🙂 Like a lot of things in life today, their are two sides to everything, discussions are good, and as long as they are done in a calm and rational manner I think it is healthy to listen to opposing views and opinions 👍 As we have both said, many times over the last few years, one day we may get to have those beers and discussions 😉🍺🍺

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