We’re heading for the hills

Andrea Leadsom, Leader of The House of Commons, tweeted on Friday that the students/children who were not in school, protesting about climate change where, and I quote, ‘it’s called truancy, not a strike’.

Now just reflect for a second, Andrea. Just imagine what your government could have done with the billions of pounds they have spent on Brexit in the past two and a bit years and spent that on climate change instead. Let’s do some maths. We’re looking at having solar panels and a 3kW home battery fitted. The quoted cost is £8k. The government has spent/is spending £4 billion on Brexit, half of which is assigned to contingencies in case there is a no deal – something that Theresa May could rule out in a single sentence.

I’m getting my calculator out. £4 billion divided by £8k is … 500,000 homes. That’s 1,500 megawatts of home-grown electricity. That’s three nuclear power stations of roof-mounted electricity … and goodness knows how many jobs created. And, of course, with that sort of spending power the government could cut the price in half and put up a million houses’ worth.


a per pros nothing, I’m thinking of using my newly found sewing skills to make myself some trousers!

So, Andrea. Leaving aside that this week we found out that we’re losing half of the world’s insects which is going to do all sorts of nasty things to the world. And, by the way, along with fuel price hikes, Fly Bmi has gone into immediate administration because Brexit has reduced their participation in the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme and Brexit uncertainty has limited their ability to secure valuable flying contracts in Europe. Brits stuck abroad will eventually get home, but Bmi’s 376 employees might not be able to afford a holiday this year.

So, kids, I say strike! OK, do it safely and with the full knowledge of your parents or guardians. But strike away. Somebody has got to shake the establishment, because us adults are not doing a great job.

Ho hum.

Oh … and did you hear His Trumpfulness in the Rose Garden? ‘I didn’t have to do this. I just wanted to do it quicker …’ (… declare a national emergency to appropriate funds from the defence budget to build the wall that Mexico was going to pay for.) I’m not sure about you, but hey, I think if you ‘don’t have to do it’, its not a national emergency? But, what do I know?

The world is spinning out of control and we have a set of people in charge so blinded by their ambition that they can’t turn their heads. Yesterday C was talking about buying a small holding somewhere out of the way and making it self-sufficient, ‘so our kids have somewhere to feel safe’. Our generation used to feel like that thirty years ago when we were facing nuclear destruction at the hands of the Soviet hoards. Now, we fear our own destructive governments. Where’s my pitchfork? I’d join a rebellion.

For the record, we’ve had a relaxing three days. C’s made some bandanas, I’ve been working on Doris and getting close to finishing edit two of book 5. Just in case you have the same problem, I’ve forever been having difficulty getting the key to work in Doris’s driver’s door. Yesterday I went to town with plenty of oil, but nothing seemed to work. And then I had a thought. What if it’s the key? Hey presto … I picked out one of the three spare habitation keys and it worked perfectly. Clearly over nine years the main key had worn and was no longer fitting properly. Simples!


and I fitted a new grille to the Focus. Hurrah!

Finally we’re off out today for a walk and a picnic. I think we might pop into Wales, now that the bridge is free. I’ll let you know how it goes on Wednesday. By for now.


6 thoughts on “We’re heading for the hills

  1. Here are my issues, first, one of the many ‘amendments’ that were listed for the ‘Speaker of the House’ to consider putting forward was one that said that, once Parliament had decided on whether to support the ‘Deal’ or ‘No Deal’ then the vote would have to go back to the Public to see if they supported that decision or if not, to vote to Withdraw Article 50. But the so called ‘People’s Vote’ Committee, Lobby or whatever else they call themselves did not put their support behind this amendment as they didn’t believe it would have sufficient support from MP’s in Parliament ?????? So what meaningful actions are they taking, oh yes that’s right, they are making a rallying cry for people to join in a ‘People’s Vote’ March/demonstration, and when do they plan to hold this walk ? Oh yes, one week before we are due to leave the EU !!!!! This is all about MP’s looking after their own political interests and nothing to do with the good of the Country or supporting the ‘Will of the People’, it is about being seen to make the right noises so that when the time comes, Local or General Elections, they can get the public in their Constituencies to vote for them to help them keep their jobs !! Load of utter tossers the lot of them, sorry but just had to vent. As for ‘Leadsom’, of course she wants to criticise people who are actually ‘doing something’, it is this young group of our future generation that are trying to bring an awareness about the planet that they will have to manage in the future, but of course ‘Leadsom’ amongst other’s prefer to get their notoriety through media pictures and statements in the press and not by actually doing anything meaningful, another case of personal self interest, a contagion that is rife within all politicians, even the likes of Farage who is just a blatant warmonger, a person who has shown that he has no diplomacy skills, let alone Political ones. Better stop before you really get me going………..

  2. If I kept going we could potentially be here for months 🤔 What I still cannot fathom out……. Anyone, Big business, Small business, even Individuals trying to make a major decision in their personal lives, would carry out a ‘Critical Impact Assessment’, even if individuals did not know that that is what it is called, before they actually committed to making whatever the change was. Article 50 did not have to be invoked, the Referendum Result was an indication of how the population of the UK felt about being a member of the EU. A responsible CEO, Small business owner or even an individual would have looked at how making a ‘major’ change would impact on them, their business’s their employees etc. ‘BEFORE’ making any changes. So why did the Government not conduct a ‘Critical Impact Assessment’ before triggering ‘Article 50’ ? The EU is not perfect, but we had more chance of influencing change by being involved as a member state than having none once we are out of it. Major change is coming within the EU, but it will not affect us if we do leave on 29th March. Once we are out, the major Countries we hope to do trade deals with, will be able to hold us over a barrel, we will need them more than they need us as they will continue to trade with the EU as well as us, if they choose to throw us a few crumbs that is, but they will go with what is in ‘their’ best interests and not ours.

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