Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day. I’m sure there should be an apostrophe in there, but in today’s loose use of grammar Google isn’t so sure. Anyway, happy Valentine’s day to you all and especially C. I think the best thing I could say about my long-suffering wife is to lift a quote from a lady we had supper with last week. She said to me, ‘You’re very lucky to have found someone who’s prepared to live the bohemian life.’ And she’s absolutely right. If I look around at my pals and their wives (all of whom we both love), I pretty sure none of the girls would have married me. More pertinent, if their husbands had said a couple of years ago, ‘Come on, dear, let’s give everything up and push off into the sunset in a cloud of unburnt diesel’, they’d have suggested a trip to the neurosurgeon.

I love you Claire. And thanks for accepting a stranger and left field approach to life which restricts us in some ways, but expands our horizons in so many others. It’s been a blast and continues to be so.

For the record. Tuesday was an awful day. I worked from home. But our new Janome sewing machine didn’t. After last week when it kept hitting the backplate in reverse, Tuesday morning it kept missing stitches, again in reverse. And, no matter what I did, it kept missing stitches and ‘birdnesting’ under the webbing.

I went for a run at lunchtime … which is still going well (every second day, religiously), had some lunch, went back to work and, hey presto, the machine worked fine. How does that happen? I hadn’t changed anything. I wasn’t doing anything different? Grrrrrrr.


£35 to you sir

Better yesterday at Jen’s. We are producing some really different stuff in some great colours. Orders are steady, which is good in that I’m not having to push too hard. The woman who helps us out has produced a couple of dog blankets – using our design and our materials. She is a brilliant seamstress and I hope the photo does her work justice. The one in the picture is for sale (with your dog’s name) for £35, which I think is a really good price for something that is handmade and takes 2.5 hours to make.

You might like to pop to our new website: Cubblys


my new helper

I’m not back at Jen’s until Tuesday (Monday I’m at the school for a one-to-one with one of the deputies) and we have nothing in the calendar until then. I’ve got some jobs to do on Doris and I’m 2/3’s of the way through edit 2 of book 5. I am loving it, I have to say. Once I’ve finished the edit I’ll drop it into Word (currently it’s chapter-by-chapter on GoogleDocs) and do a full spelling and grammar check. And then, hold your breath, it’s off to my 6 beta readers. That’s the scary part!

Anyhow. Happy Valentine’s day, with or without an apostrophe.

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Hickmores would like to suggest an exception to your “all girls would say no” to the shedding of house and typical ways of doing life!
    Glad the Janome fixed itself. Mine has occasionally thrown a wobbly.
    New blankets look lovely. Are you getting into winter warming and water shedding out door wear for dogs. My daughter’s lurcher and a neighbour’s whippets easily get the shivers, and nice stylish simple clothing with velcro or buckle straps is not easy to come by – since lots is like playing dress up.
    Love to you both.

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