Hello LA!

I have an ‘in’. When we were at Mary’s we met a lady whose son is the CEO of a TV company in LA (which stands for Los Angeles, in case you’re not sure). She’s given me his address and an introduction. As a result, along with the five enquiries I sent out last weekend, I shall dispatch Unsuspecting Hero’s screenplay to the world-centre of film and TV in the next day or so. Fingers crossed.

And I’m half way through edit 2 of book 5, and really loving it. Editing takes some effort – it’s about making sure every sentence is as clear and descriptive as it can be. I can’t say I’m an expert, and indeed if I had an agent/publisher they’d be paying a professional to do it for me, but I do know what I like … and what I think works. It’s important not to confuse editing with proofreading. The first sorts out consistency, plot holes, over and underwriting, and some of the language. Proofreading looks at spelling and grammar. And I am rubbish at the latter … and I do have to pay an expert to do that for me.


We got back from Mum and Dad’s at lunchtime – it’s a 3.5 hour journey and it drives me mad (A12, M25, M4). But it’s worth the effort. I thought that, whilst Dad continues to deteriorate, Mum was in a much better place than last time we saw her. I took Dad for a walk whilst C took Mum shopping, and then we attempted a bath. Unfortunately, no amount of balancing and heaving could get his leg over the side of the bath. So we had a strip wash instead. What disturbed me was, after supper, Dad started trying to explain something. We think it was about a man who was trying to do something unpleasant to all of us. Dad unsteadily got himself out of his chair, paced a bit with real frustration, bordering on anger. Then he sat down again, half went to sleep for a  few seconds, and then gingerly stood again and vented. We had no idea what he was worried about. It was disquieting to see him so upset. Eventually he went to bed.

Ho hum.

We’ve got a pretty quiet week this week. I’m on 3/4 days sewing duties, but the weekend is free. My old boss from my first school emailed me and asked me if I wanted some teaching as they had a temporary gap over the coming weeks. I know that I really didn’t have a great time last year at the state school, but teaching (rather than crowd control) with some A-level work at a private school is a much different occupation. And I so wanted to to say yes. Alas, other commitments … etc.

Anyhow, enough from me. Have a great week.



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