A luxurious life …

It’s amazing how quickly life returns to normal. Two days back at Jen’s making stuff. The orders have hit a bit of a plateau; but that’s January for you. We’re probably getting £20-40’s worth of orders a day (we make about 50% profit), which is easily workable. The ‘new lines’, Jacob collars and leads and braided collars, have been a bit of a hit, so that’s good. And we’re pushing Valentine’s Day at the mo, so we’ll see how that goes. The new news is that I have decided only to travel to Jen’s twice a week, and to work from home on the other days. That is if we can get the sewing machine working … it was breaking thread all afternoon which is really frustrating. I’ll try and service it tomorrow first thing,


we brought the cold back with us

We’ve had a second shop want to buy wholesale from us and sell on. Jen’s currently working on prices with them. Our new member of staff, Angela, is already proving to be brilliant. She’s about my age and a quilter by hobby. We gave her some things to make whilst I was away in Chatel and she brought the stuff round yesterday – it was all great. We’re paying her on a gig basis, which she is happy with. And whilst we don’t actually need her at the mo, it’s good to have someone up to speed should things go crazy. As a result we’re giving her stuff to make every week so she keeps her hand in.

Book stuff has hit a stop. C’s going to read edit one, and I’m tempted to put it out to my beta readers, if nothing else to get some feedback and keep the momentum going. I’m reading ‘Reacher said nothing’, which is a fly-on-the-wall account of Lee Child’s penning of his 19th Reacher book. It’s interesting and, from my perspective, it’s not undermining the way I write. Clearly I’m not Lee Child, but I do seem to write and construct a book in the manner that he does. One day …

That’s it from me. Normality has returned. At least it’s not the same normality that I suffered last year coming back from skiing – heading in Bristol 4.5 days a week to teach. Every time I think about it I thank my lucky stars that I’m not having to get on my bike every morning at 7.10 am to be in work for 7.35 … teaching at 8.30. I live a much more luxurious life than that now. Thank goodness.

I’ll update you at the weekend.

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