Lactose free …

The good news is that both of us are felling better. I’m pretty certain mine’s all about milk. For those of you with v long memories, I’ve had low-level sinusitis for an eternity. With it comes fatigue. About three years ago, on recommendation from one of C’s girls (from when she was a housemistress) – who was a singer – I gave up milk. Apparently opera singers swear by a lactose-free diet as it reduces inflammation and fluid in their singing bits.

So I tried it and it seemed to work. More significant is that if I binged on milk, my chest seemed to get tighter when I ran and I seemed to feel tireder. Anyhow, since Tunisia (mid-Nov) I’ve been not that bothered by what I’ve eaten and over Christmas I just ate anything … lts of milk chocolate. And on Christmas day I didn’t want to get out of bed, nor Boxing Day. By the 27th I said ‘sod it’ and reverted to a strict lactose-free diet. My last blog was on the 3rd when I was just beginning to feel human … and by yesterday I was feeling right at rein (rain?). Could it be lactose? The doctors always come back to me and say ‘well, you know, if it works for you …’. There is no medical proof.

I’ll keep you in the picture, although for your own benefit there have been two articles on the BBC recently speaking out against milk. Humans are the only species who drink milk post-weaning, and we are the only species that drink someone else’s milk. What do I know? Or, indeed, them?


mmm, wax those skis!

Good news is that I’ve waxed the skis. I thought it was going to be uber-tricky and that I would need Job’s help, but in the end I just rubbed the wax on and ironed it flat with an iron. Again, I’ll let you know how the whole edging and waxing has gone when we get to Chatel and our skis are stuck to the snow … or when we try to turn we end up in a drift.

Editing book five is keeping me up at night. Literally. I’m loving it. It’s funny, but until you’ve splurged down 130,000 words you don’t really understand how many words that is. It’s a lot. I’m reading stuff that I really don’t remember writing … and I’m loving it! I hope you do too. I now have five Beta readers who all want to read it prior to proofing. I should have that in their hands by the end of January. Let’s see how that goes.

And, for the record, we popped down to the south coast yesterday to see C’s (who is also, BTW, feeling better, but is not on a lactose-free diet) middle sister and returned via old friends of ours, John and Lou. I was at school with John and the four of us have known each other for as long as the four of us have known each other … if you get my drift. We’ve arranged to meet at a pub in a couple of weeks and plan a Doris trip to Brugge. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Anyhow … enough from me. I’m just going to spend an hour on Twitter trolling POTUS and hoping that the Democrats don’t cave in on his ridiculous notion of a wall between the US and Mexico.  Apparently ‘walls have always worked!’

Try telling that to a reunified Germany.


5 thoughts on “Lactose free …

  1. Hi Ro, sorry to read of your body bothers over the last we while. Just wondering if you had experimented around whether it might be the A1 casein protein in typical uk milk from Fresian cows that you are intolerant to… Jersey milk (often called channel island milk or gold top in supermarkets) is like that produced in other countries – and is characterised by zero A1 casein, and a different type of protein, called A2 caseine, instead. This is very different in molecular structure apparently, and is tolerated completely by many people who have inflammatory responses to A1 casein. Goat milk is also A2, ans can get great biolive goat yoghurt for your probiotics and eat goat and sheep cheese to. Your heart’s content – if you can tolerate jersey milk.

    Perhaps worth exploring – ‎I know the pain of a restricted diet, so finding alternatives is so welcome…

    All the best, Hilary Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the EE network.

    • Thanks Hilary, really useful. I’d heard about goats milk, but not in that detail. The problem is not what liquid I put in my mouth (v keen on soya now), it’s what liquid other people put in their food that we buy/order. I can get most things lactose free now, and will avoid anything with milk on the label.

      Anyhow, hope the work is ok and the winter mooring a lot of fun. We must come and see you. Xxx

      • Hi there… we’ll have to wait til May for our next rendezvous… off on our travels next week! Very exciting. Mad rush home today for some essential dental work before we go – a cancellation appointment came up. Working on being pleased about that!!

  2. Re work – my courses went really well – 4 delivered to services in the south. Have written an article about my approach for a professional journal – excruciating process – I thought of you often as I edited for the 6th and 7th times. It will take 6 to 8 months to learn if they will accept it for publications and any changes they want. Pleased it’s done. Can focus on exploring now. All the best.

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