Ehh, yippee?

Come on, which day are they going to hold the referendum? You know, do we or do we not want to leave the EU? Because that’s where this is going. The current deal looks to make the best of an awful job and I do salute Theresa for getting something on the table. All of those currently shouting from the sidelines saying she hasn’t done a good enough job clearly don’t get how difficult the negotiations were always going to be. I suppose we could have applied a Trump business blueprint and threatened all sorts of merry hell and been incredibly rude about people on Twitter, but we would have ended up with no deal … and probably too late to do anything about it. So we either leave without a deal (ehh, no thanks), or we bring down the government and hold a general election (where does that leave Brexit?), or, as the politicians can’t decide, we put the only deal on the table and ask the punters to vote.

I bet you weren’t expecting that, Cameron, were you? What a mess.


our life at the moment

We’ve been at Jen’s, making things. Lots of things. So much so that it does look like we might need to think about using one of the two women who came along on Monday for a look-see. One is an experienced seamstress, the other currently doing a sewing course ‘at college’. They were both lovely and both seemed excited by the prospect. Just now we held a ‘business meeting’ with a couple we’re sharing a stall with at the Birmingham dog show on 16/17 December (do come along). They’re expecting 10,000 dogs and I guess a fair few numbers of humans to look after them. We discussed how it would work, and what stock we would take (all of which we have to make up). It was a fun meeting and felt a little bit like we had a business between us.

Today I started a 8-piece order for a shop in Scotland that wants to stock our stuff. Jen’s made up a product book … and we have no idea where that’s going. And the other orders keep coming in. It is pretty mad and we all hope it will calm down before Christmas.

Books? Still selling about one-a-day. And I’ve set myself a target to have completed book 5 (less epilogue and prologue) by the end of the weekend. I’m currently sitting up in bed at night trying to knock out between 500 and 1,000 words a day. It’s a bit crazy.

Oh, and last night we met up with Darren and Karen. They’re a couple of years behind us. They have a big Hymer and hope to push off into the sunset in a couple of years time. Go D&K, go!

That’s all from me. Back to Jen’s tomorrow, but hopefully Friday and the weekend free. Yippee!

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