Yesterday was … Wednesday



Wells was looking fab

Well that’s me spent, noting that I have a full day at a school tomorrow with 8 one-hour sessions with middle-management. Then a weekend with Mum and Dad. Then back to Jen’s on Monday …

… which has been uber-busy. C and I got to Gloucester at 9.30 on Wednesday and I stitched my final stitch on 21.50. Between us we prepared a lot of stuff. And, whilst I left with about 10 orders to finish (and there have been some more arrive since we finished yesterday), it did feel as though we had broken the back of the current batch.  We’re back on Monday. And, as we left, I gave Jen some v clear instructions: 50 orders over the weekend! She’s v good at that. And 50 orders is at least £750 turnover … which would be a neat trick. I’ll let you know.

Driving. Who would, in this country? Come on. Today (we’re at Mary’s tonight as she’s closer to M&D than Bristol, and only 30 minutes from the school) a two and a half hour journey took four and a half. It’s the third time I’ve been on the M4 in as many weeks. On every occasion a section of it has been blocked. Thankfully we’ve only been involved in the aftermath, but the impact has been v frustrating. And we don’t commute – in fact I have never really commuted (how lucky am I?). Could you imagine facing that every day? And, for the record, I only had one person make a rude gesture at me today – and we weren’t in Doris. So much anger. No wonder they voted for Brexit. They had to vent their frustration somewhere, and that, I guess, seemed like a decent opportunity.


It looks better than this now … but it is still a sweat shop

And the writing? Still working hard. Finding an hour here and an hour there. My ambition is to be at the end of Chapter 12 (75k words) by the end of the weekend. I do worry about consistency, but now that I have my short term memory back (yesterday was definitely Wednesday) it all seems to fit into place.  I am excited by it … and, in an ideal world would love to be writing it day-after-day. But as writing doesn’t pay, sometimes you have to work at other things. In terms of sales, I’m still running above a book a day, nowhere near the central ambition of 10 in a day. But, it may still come. Who knows.

Finally, C had her hair done in Wells on Tuesday (she looks fab). It gave me the chance to catch up with whole load of old pals, which was a lovely respite.

That’s it from me. Catch up over the weekend.

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