You have to wonder…


I got to the school v early on Thursday. Mmmm, Mrs Sun!

You wouldn’t think it was the weekend, honestly; we’ve been busy! First, come on, let’s talk US politics. Please. Just for a bit.

Have you been following the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the US) vote in the US? It’s a key decision as that’s the organisation that ratifies the major domestic policy decisions, normally after there’s been a court objection. Anyone selected for the court has a post form life. That’s it – for life. Anyhow, it has always been politically balanced – up to a point. And the latest Trumpkiness choice is a guy called Brett Kavanaugh. He’s well qualified, young and staunchly conservative. You know, pro-life; anti-anything on the left. He’s Yale etc and, if selected, would cement the balance of power in the conservatives’ favour. That would mean, for example, if you’re a woman who doesn’t believe that every sperm is sacred, then you’re likely be living in a country where abortion is, for whatever reason, illegal. No – sorry, even if you’re raped. No abortion. And we’ll enforce the law. That’s after we’ve murdered this inmate for killing a couple of people. We’re just deciding whether to use the electric chair or give them an injection. Or, maybe, we’ll hang them. But no abortion. Because we’re pro-life.

I digress. Kavanagh’s record was not fully disclosed to the Senate, but as the conservative/Republicans control the house, that’s turned out not to be an issue … until, a female professor from California came right out and said that ‘bless-him Brett’ had tried to rape her in a drunken stupour when they were in their teens. Sorry, him and a friend. Kavanaugh allegedly held his hand over the professor’s mouth, ’cause you wouldn’t want her screaming, would you?

Now, as this hasn’t gone to court it’s all alleged (there are now two other complainants). And, sure, she could be lying – or have forgotten who the man was on top of her. And, in any case, she was allowed to present her ‘case’ to a senate committee. That was on Thursday. I listened to some of both sides of the testimony. And, if you stripped back the emotion (more of which in a second), you might say that – in a court of law – you’d struggle to get a ‘beyond all reasonable doubt’ conviction. But that’s the point. It’s not a court of law. It’s a job interview. And I don’t know about you, but, sorry, I wouldn’t employ someone who was facing potentially three counts of sexual assault. I just wouldn’t. But even that’s not my point. This is. Brett Kavanaugh’s responses to the questions from the committee were awful. He lied – really – at least twice. He shouted. And cried. And shouted some more. He took the p**s out of the Democrat questioners. He said he drunk a lot of beer. Even now. A lot of beer, He was clearly partisan. And, not once, did he show any sensibility for the professor. And … to remind you, he’s being interviewed for a position on the highest court of the land. For life. A judge. Calm. sensible. Non-partisan. A man to join a group of eight other highly respected justices who shape the lives of 250 million people. Would. You. Employ. Him?

Such is the state of US politics. And, sorry to say, it’s all his Donaldness’s fault. The man who the UN laughed at last week. What a mess.



Doris looking all sparkly…

A busy week. Thursday at the school in Hampshire was great fun. Eight x one-hour slots. All of the staff I sat with were different. It is exhausting, but I do feel a real sense of achievement.

Friday was at Jen’s. Lots of sewing. Some great ideas from Jen and C. That all looks like it’s coming along nicely.


come on, you’ve got to love this …

And writing. Well, leaving aside the sporadic nature of my current writing – writes something … a couple of days’ gap … write something more, I’m still ahead of myself. I wanted to get Chapter 9 finished by the end of the weekend. As at 5pm Sunday I’m 3,300 words into Chapter 10. I hope it’s OK. I don’t have that same sense of coherence that I normally get when we’re heading off to the south of France and I write day after day. It will, I’m sure, come good in the edit. I must finish it first.

I spent a short while trying to re-energise myself by looking through past reviews. I came across this one on Goodreads which I’m sure I haven’t shared with you before. It was penned by a lady called Sam, from Japan:

This is the third Sam Green book I have read. I came to the series through the Kindle Scout Program in the UK, and after reading and really enjoying book 2 for free, I decided to purchase the rest of the books (and am looking forward to the newly released fourth book).

I’ve enjoyed all of these books appreciating the detail, as well as the thick plotting. This being the first book, it perhaps unsurprisingly had weaker writing than the second and third books, but the story, set in Liberia and later Sierra Leone was very enjoyable and as fast paced as any thriller you’ll find in books or on TV.

It might have been said by some of the other reviewers here, but my feeling throughout reading this series has always been that the author punches above his weight. What I mean by this is that these books are as well written and plotted as any thriller that I have read by traditional professional authors over the past few years. Having read his blog, I know the author has not been picked up by a traditional publisher yet, but I do hope he gets a lucky break soon, and that he continues to write for a long time to come.

Which all did me good. And, on the back of this, I dispatched Unsuspecting Hero’s screenplay to four random people in showbiz. You never know…

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