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First, for those of you who read my last blog viz Mum and Dad, I guess a lot of you were caught out either by my frankness, or even my seeming lack of empathy for them. All I’d say is that you can’t write everything down – and perhaps there’s a lesson for me there. The bottom line is that I love them very much and C and I are always on standby to rush up there in a moment of crisis. I will not, however, back down from writing what I feel.

Anyhow. Today’s subject is social media, or that is my use of it.

A couple of days ago I deleted 65% of those I follow on Instagram. I was at 450 followers and following 400. Initially the ambition (having read something, somewhere, probably on Instagram) was that if I followed lots of people they would look me up and buy my books. A couple of weeks ago I followed 100 new people who had previously liked authors who write in the thriller genre. Did I sell any more books? No. Nothing.

Frustrated I cut my ‘following’ list down to 160. This much smaller list included all our friends and those I have been following since I joined Instagram three years ago. What’s changed? I now have the time to look at all the photos that are posted, my number of followers has fallen to 430 and I have sold no more books. I think that’s a result.


Cassie goes home tomorrow. Boo!

The blog. I started this four and a half years ago when we first made the decision to leave the school and push off into the sunset. When we first started travelling I posted every day. Some days it was almost impossible to find internet say, in darkest Greece, but I managed. I wrote travel stuff and I think some of it was interesting. When we stopped travelling I cut posting to twice a week. The posts became author focused and really dull. But, I still get about 150 unique visitors every week. And every so often a number of you are kind enough to comment. Does it help sell books? I’m not convinced. It does, however, provide a diary for C and I. And it will be there forever. We sometimes ask ourselves, what did we do then? The answer is: it’s in the blog. Hurrah!

I’m on Twitter. I post irregularly and commented periodically. I follow 275 people and 330 people follow me. I love it. It keeps me up to date with all manner of gossip, especially US politics. And it’s fun to follow Richard Osman, The Dalai Lama and His Donaldness – among others. Does it help me sell nooks? Mmmmm – no.


Spooky skull collar for Halloween

Finally, I have a Facebook Page. It’s attached the C’s FB site. I come and go insofar as posting, and I should  be much more proactive in joining other pages. Jen uses it all the time for Cubblys and attracts sales all the time. But I’m not there yet. I guess I post every couple of days – but I do need to work harder at spreading the news.

Does any of this help?

Insofar as selling books. No. Not yet. But everyone tells me that without a social media presence, I might as well give up. So, as with the writing (loving taking Sam through a couple of issues in Budapest at the mo), I’m just going to persevere.

For the record … Monday and Tuesday was two more days at Jen’s. I’m one collar and lead short of finishing everything. She will come back with an empty order book. We’ve run a hoover round and tidied where we can. And tomorrow we will drop Cassie off and I shall hand the business back over to her – whilst we pop across the channel to Paris for a couple of days. Can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “Social media – whatever

  1. Don’t trust the internet! We blogged our 3 years in Australia and then had it printed as a book by – just in case the internet lost it. I still enjoy dipping into it today.

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