Let me tell you about Weston Super Mare, or WSM to those in the know. We took Cassie there today – our one day off. We spent yesterday morning at Jen’s and are back there tomorrow. And Tuesday. On face of it it may seem that we’re making a mess of it, or are particularly inefficient. There’s truth in both those statements, but we are getting better. Me at collars and leads. C at bandanas, bow ties and flowers. Progress is being made, and the quality is there. It’s just there is a lot of it. And there’s more coming.


WSM – not a bad place to walk a dog …

Anyhow, WSM. It’s not a bad seafront. Certainly better than Clacton. A long sandy beach in a wide bay, flanked by rocky promontories with the island of Lundi and Wales across the brown and grey which is the Bristol Channel. The front is typically English. Three-storey Victorian hotels with a sizeable gap between the buildings and the promenade, filled with pleasant grass and the odd palm tree. And the pier. Which is sizeable and in good working order. Again, typically English. And on a warmish September Sunday, not a bad place to take your daughter’s dog for a walk.

You would have thought.

Do you know that if you want to park anywhere near the sea – indeed, you can park on the sand such is the minimal gradient of the beach, the cost is … wait for it … £6 – for up to 4 hours. No, not £1.50 an hour. Even if you just want to park for 20 minutes, it’s £6. A blanket charge. £6. It’s enough to make you drive to Bream Down, or stop short at Portishead. Whatever next?

Anyhow, we parked in a back street and walked to the beach carrying our picnic with us. £6. Come on WSM. £1.50 an hour – charged hourly, yes we can manage that.


our work …


Anyway. Two and a half days of cutting and sewing, a day at the beach – and, I have just finished 6,800 words of chapter 6. I think that makes about 40,000 words so far. All good. I do worry that, because I’m writing it in dribs and drabs, the manuscript might lack consistency, but I guess that’s what the editing process is for. Still loving it. I really am.

This week is two more days at Cubbly’s (cutting and sewing) and then driving to Mary’s. I have a full day’s leadership consultancy work on Thursday (close to Mary’s) and then we’re off to Mum and Dad’s for the weekend. Things don’t sound so good there, but at least they have a carer coming in twice a day, seven days a week. We shall test the water at the weekend.

And then another week of work at Jen’s before she and James returns from their honeymoon. Then we shall reconcile where we are – and what our role in Jen’s business is going to be. Which is good – at least I’m not cycling into school every day, donning my riot control kit and then trying to teach something close to maths.


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