Busy, busy …

Well that’s a scream. I told you (didn’t I?) that I was taking over Jen’s business whilst she and James go looking for bears. In Canada – before you ask. Well, I spent two days with her last week and by three in the afternoon of day two I really thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it. I could do all of the tasks: cut ribbon; cut webbing; sew ribbon onto webbing; waterproof; let dry; sew collar, which includes a buckle and a d-ring. I could do them in both sizes: thin and thick. And I could make lanyards. I could do all of those things. But I couldn’t do them one-after-the-other and get the quality right at every step. And the blooming machine kept messing me about …

(And it’s the same process for leads.)


Dog lanyards – £7 a pop plus P&P. We’ll make lanyards with any design provided we can get the ribbon.

… but at five past three I was onto a collar every half an hour, and the quality was there. Confidence was high. And it still is. Tick.

And today I have started to get a grip of her FB page and the many, many conversations she’s having with people about current and future orders. I reckon I’ve got about 10 outstanding orders to complete this week … and then wait for any new ones to come in.

Will it be fun? Jen is the easiest person to work for/with. We have the same standards and she’s v relaxed. We have the music on full blast and, when we both end up working together side-by-side I think it will work. I’m currently happy with the grunt work – and she can manage the orders and talk to the punters. And I get to travel too and from Bristol to Gloucester on the trike … which is fun now as the weather is ok. Mmmm. Not sure what it will be like in December.


sshhhh. early doors. And we have Cassie!

Book stuff? Well I’m trash-editing Chapter 5 today, and have promised myself that I will complete a chapter a week whilst Jen’s away. I should have more time when she’s back. Sam’s having fun in Georgia (Russia), and yesterday penned something that will make your eyes water. But, don’t worry, she got through it.

And sales are OK. I’ve sold three books today already (only 11.40), but only one yesterday. I’m still doing no marketing … and now with Jen’s business and book 5 I’m not sure that I’ll get round to much. But as long as someone (mostly in the UK and US) buys one of my books a day, I’m guessing I should be very happy with that.

This week? Jen’s tomorrow – I’m going to work from hers. C will come with me to help out. There is plenty of admin to do up there. I’m off to my school in Hampshire on Tuesday for some leadership consultancy. And the rest of the week will be Jen’s and writing. Busy, busy…

Have a great week. Unless, of course, your His Donaldness. I hope you get indicted, you self-centred son-of-a-…. Why you couldn’t just bury your head in a pillow whilst they put the Vietnam vet, John McCain, in the ground rather than tweeting about the ‘witchhunt’ and other nonsense, is a mystery to me. Whatever next.

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