It shouldn’t be this difficult?

Ok, let’s get his Trumpkiness out of the way after the news that his ex-lawyer, who has admitted countless fraud offences and others, has told a New York court that Trump instructed him to pay off two former mistresses using campaign funds – with the sole purpose of influencing an election, an election he won by just 77k electoral college votes. Let’s translate that over here and see what you think. A three-times married prime minister, via his lawyer, during the run up to an election uses money you’ve donated to silence two women, one of whom is a porn-star. He did this in case they bragged about his affair which might upset a number people, who then didn’t vote for him. Election lost. One of those may have been you, especially if you found out that one of the affairs happened just after his latest wife had given birth to a son. He then lied consistently that he knew nothing about it. How would you feel about that? Should that man run our country (leaving aside pulling out of the Iran deal, the Paris agreement, belittling friends and allies, smooching up to Russia, holding two meeting with two dictators – in private – where the discussions in those rooms have not been shared with his intelligence community (that we know of). And countless other nonsense.)?

I rest my case. The problem for the Republican Party, apart from the fact that a number of them have been indicted on their own cases and may well have business links to Russia, is that should Trump go they’re left with the smiling assassin – the man Pence who absolutely believes that God has a plan for us all. Only the righteous will survive. Abortion is murder; capital punishment is God’s way of getting his own back? And if you don’t believe that, you are (seriously, he means you) going to hell (in a handbasket).


I’ll leave Brexit well alone other than quote a new poll which has numbers now just in ‘Remain’s’ favour. That’s not my point though. If you drill down into the detail, those polled are even more entrenched: older people vote to leave; young ‘uns to stay. Sorry, but I may only have a generation left in me before I join the worms. My daughters and their children I hope will kick around for a lot longer. Why are we allowed to influence their future so massively, when they’re going to have to live with our consequences. I’m sorry, but that’s not right.


Doris, ahhhh.

To hell in a handbasket? Actually that’s a good title for book 5. Which shouldn’t be this difficult. I’m 14,000 words in, half way through chapter three. I had no intention of starting writing on this break (I have started as late as mid-October), but I was so excited by the emerging plot I couldn’t stop myself. The problem is I’ve only just finished the final edit of For Good Men To Do Nothing, which was just six weeks ago. As a result the quality of that book, after 8 edits and two proofreads, is at the front of my mind. Not only am I currently trying to make the new one more exciting, but I’m also hoping the writing is as good. Which it shouldn’t be as it’s got another 8 edits and two proofreads to go through. It’s tough and frustrating. But exciting and entrancing. I love it! And you’re going to too – I’m sure!


Medieval village – fab…

We’re in a lovely little village called Saint Ceneri-le-Gerei. It’s a medieval, caught in a bend in a river. We found the spot, right by the river and looked down on by the villagers (they must love us – but we are not alone), on Park4Night, the only wild-camping App you need. The weather is lovely, and the walks/runs beautiful – we’ve both been out this morning. Since Sunday we’ve meandered east, stayed in a few places with a few castles – cycled, walked and run. C has re-taken up her favourite pastime – reading. Which is great because it means I can write without feeling guilty (mostly late afternoon and after supper; I’ve given up on TV). All-in-all it’s a fab life.

And Doris may be fixed. She had another ‘sorry, but I’m not even going to attempt to start’ when we got here yesterday. I’d attached a multimeter to the vehicle battery so could monitor its voltage as we were pottering, and it (and hence the alternator) are both fine. At that point I was plumping for the main earthing strap was knackered, which is a common fault and probably within my abilities to fix – preferably at home, providing Doris would continue to start when we really needed her to. As I was in the battery compartment, for the first time I tried the positive wires – hitherto I’d been disconnecting the battery using the negative terminal as it’s much easier to get off.

Hey presto! One of the main red leads, presumably a Fiat, was loose. Like, really loose. I tightened her up and Doris turned over first time. Job done? I won’t know until we’ve driven/stopped her over a period, but I think so. And the electric wing mirrors are working as well. What’s not to like?

2 thoughts on “It shouldn’t be this difficult?

  1. Since I’m going to hell (evidently), I might as well enjoy it. Sure wish the Hymer is available in the states (other than the small vans). Really love the garage!

    “For Good Men…” is riveting. Each book better than the last and no matter what your decision is on the plot we are anticipating another Good Read!



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