Don’t follow us (please)

Just to let you know that we’ve headed south. That’s after we’d headed west to Finisterre, the most westerly point in France, where the Channel meets the Atlantic. It’s lovely there. Think west coast of Scotland meets Cornwall. All craggy, sandy coves, a bit empty and white-washed houses with grey tiled roofs. We walked down the promontory at le Conquet – to a couple of Napoleonic castles and a lighthouse (the kids would love it, trust me). Ran down the coastal path. And then cycled to Menhir de Keloas, a huge, single standing stone shaped like a rocket. We continued with our bikes (still fab – C’s has a new battery as the original one conked out after 4 years. It was a mouth-watering £270; we could have afforded many taxi-rides for that amount of money) up and around the coast, and got back having cycled 24 miles.


Loving the far west

But, alas, Mrs Sun had deserted us and gone off to brown someone else’s knees. So, after a quick weather check, this morning we headed south to Carnac, where instead of one big standing stone, the ancient Gauls decided to build a terracotta army’s worth of smaller stones, all in a line. Here the weather would be better (which it is), but, unfortunately everyone else has followed us. So having seen the stones from Doris’s window, we headed inland a bit and got away from the crowds. Phew.


Doris, bless her, has continued to be hesitant in the starting department. It’s odd. Like she’s fine and then on a random stop she fails to start. Just dead – like the immobiliser has kicked it. I though earlier today that I was going to have to call ADAC, but then she started having disconnected the battery. I’ve checked all of the earths that I can find, and given them all a good squirt of WD40. And the battery is in top condition. The only thing is that the remote wing mirrors stopped working again (and then started) and the alarm GPS tracker system only wants to talk to me on its own terms. Mmmm. Confusion. But, we made it here. And last time I checked she wanted to turn over. The only connection may be the weather – both times she has failed to start have been when it’s wet? Not sure. Ideas welcome.


Books? Well, you’ll be delighted to hear that yesterday was my first 10 book sale day – of all colours. Yes, at the launch of both The Innocence of Trust and For Good Men To Do Nothing I did have a spike of sales, but we’re one month in now and yesterday was a bit of an aberration, albeit a pleasant one. As at 5.15 pm today I have sold one book (TIOT), which is better than no books. It seems to come and go.

And, as you can see, I have notched up 100 reviews for Fuelling the Fire on Goodreads, which I am v pleased about. So, things are pottering along.


Oh. I have started book 5. Two and a half thousand words in. Sam is already being very Sam-like. Love it.

Till Sunday…

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