Almost there, we’re almost there…

We’re almost there. Today I had my lesson observed, and bless my Year 8. They are normally as fractious as the Colombian footy team (actually, slightly worse), but they were pretty much as good as gold. I taught some things, they learnt some things and we were all as happy as Larry at the end of the 50 minutes. Doubtless my boss will have found 5 things where I could do better, but what he won’t know is how little I normally achieve. There’s only so much teaching you can do in riot gear, a helmet, shield and a truncheon.


clearing the garage of Bex’s stuff and putting it in the roof

Of course, it couldn’t last. After lunch my Year 7s came in for the first of two end of year tests. Mmmmm. Would three of them shut up? Would they? How about, ‘everyone else wants quiet so that they can work on their test…’ Really? Am I bovered….? Obviously not. So one was booted out and put in detention. I just don’t get it. Sorry, I don’t.

On the way out to go home I bumped into an old pal of mine from my previous school. He was accompanying a woman I didn’t recognise. Anyhow, he asked me how it was and I gave him both barrels. In a constructive way, of course. It turns out the woman was the new head. Oh well….

Book stuff. I’m waiting for the final proof, which should be here on Friday – the aim is still to publish on Monday. A quick read and then, after an email from ‘a fan’, I have agreed to sign the proof and send it to them so they get the first paperback. And another ‘fan’ has asked for an e-book copy early so that they can take it away with them as they leave for Italy on Saturday. No problem! I love it when people get in touch.

Instagram 1

sorry, but all of a sudden this looks a bit impressive?

For the record publishing has been considerably cheaper this time round. You may remember that I used a firm to publish The Innocence of Trust. I paid a good wodge of cash for not a great job – they had to republish straight away after the original threw up far too many errors. I have only just, by the way, started to make a profit on TIOT. But all I need to do for FGMTDN is sell about 200 books to make a profit. I hope I can pull that off reasonably soon.

Well, that’s it for me. 2.5 weeks to go. That might just be manageable….

What am I?

I find it difficult to consider our immediate future. Anything beyond the next three weeks at school. The whole school adventure has been just that – and, now drawing to a close it is clear that it will always be indelibly inked into my experience bank. I only work three and a half days a week, but it feels like a lot more. Every day has presented a challenge of some form, and I know not to be complacent. I have twelve challenges left. I can do this.


we love Clacton….

It’s fair to say that mixed in with this has been two more chunks of complexity. First, For Good Men To Do Nothing. I finished the final edit yesterday incorporating the last set of comments from Rosemary. I was up at six, and between looking after and just being with Mum and Dad, I finished the edit late afternoon. Even the final upload onto Amazon wasn’t without trickiness. On e-reviewing the inside, the process had uploaded all of the track changes from Rosemary. You really don’t want to see that, so it was back to the drawing board. Anyhow, it’s done now and submitted. I should get a note from Amazon today saying things are OK. Then I’ll order a final proof (which comes from the States). That should arrive on Thursday, and, all being well, I’ll have the books on the shelf the following Monday. (How exciting.)

Mum and Dad. That’s the second thing. Three weeks ago the wheels fell off and, as we knew was the case – we needed a catastrophe to make Mum realise she needed help, we arranged for a carer to come in twice a day to make sure the wheels were screwed back on. Mum, via the phone, still harps on that ‘I’m not sure I need them…’, but they do. And having spoken to the carer(s) on a number of occasions, we met them yesterday. They’re fab. And all is well. Except, it isn’t – not really. Dad is very poorly with his dementia. No nouns, confused thought process and an inability to do any task other than sit and walk like a toddler. Mum is frail, a little bombastic and her own mind is not what it was. It does make for an interesting visit. I write this on their sofa – we will leave once C has been for a run. As always, I didn’t want to come and I don’t want to leave.


final, final edit

But what of the future? When everyone else was watching a bit of TV last night I picked out a couple of chapters of the book. Mmmmm. Love it. (Thanks Rosemary.) As I said last time, I can’t do any more. I could change the odd word, but what you are going to get is my best. All of me. Everything. Again, I hope you don’t read that as a boastful statement. I’m not saying the book and the series are any good. I’m just saying I can’t do much about making them better.

And that’s the message, I think, to myself. I am an author. Four books – half a million words and goodness knows how many full stops. Sam Green is alive and mad as a fish. She is my alter ego – in print. I am, just now, incredibly proud of what I have done. Against the backdrop of a 6-months that has tested my emotional well-being, I think I have now truly discovered what the future looks like.

I am an author. Albeit, not a well paid one…

[For the record. Bex and Steve are in Madeira with Steve’s Mum and Uncle. Yesterday they were watching the Portugal match when Roy Hodgson walked in. Steve (and Bex) is a huge footy fan, so it was something special for the pair of them. Fab.]


secret selfie – look who’s in the background