Am culinary genius

It’s all a bit overwhelming. I am coming to the end of my 7 months work experience at a state school in Bristol. I left my classroom door open today because it was too hot to teach the little darlings. As I was one-to-one with a pupil, another threw a pen at a kid and it landed outside in the corridor, narrowly missing another teacher who was unaware that this was a new form of sport. She came into the classroom and, unbeknown to me, took a kid out to pick up the pen. As I stood to identify the next student who needed my help, I realised that I was not alone. Anyway, between us we sorted out the indiscretion, I apologised for teaching the worst class in Christendom, and the teacher left with that vague look of ‘who’s the idiot in charge of that class?’

Interestingly, at the end of the day another teacher caught me and said, ‘Mmmm, that’s a difficult class you’ve got there. I know those kids. Mmmmm. My sympathy.’ What he doesn’t know is that’s the class that I have the best handle on. If he came to any of my other classes, he’d need to wear a hard hat and boots with steel toe-caps.

Seriously, though, I have (trust me) made progress. I think out of all the 130 kids I teach all but a handful have had their grades improve. The fact that it has almost killed me is neither here not there. Whatever – just over a week to go…

…and that’s something I can’t get my head round. What will it be like in 10 days time? When I don’t have to get up at 6.20 and face the orchestra? What will it be like when I don’t have to cycle into Bristol murmuring under my breath, ‘I won”t let the so-and-sos wear me down’? We shall see.

I think the transition is going to be sharp. Jen’s business is on the cusp of taking off. She has more orders than she can manage and we will have to hire help soon. C and I both intend to help, but I don’t see me/us as actual members of the workforce. I’m much more interested in business development, and will be more than happy to organise outsourcing some of the sewing. But something needs to be done.


Jen’s new business cards

And then there’s the books. If you haven’t bought For Good Men To Do Nothing, then please do – and please pen a review. The mood music after just 4 days is very strong, and, if you check out the reviews on Amazon, you will see that readers do really like the series – Sam Green is #1. I am currently fishing around, trying to develop a coherent marketing strategy. I don’t have the time nor the energy to get it right yet, but it will loom large in 10 days time. Book sales have shot up, and what’s promising is that all four books are selling at a decent rate at the moment – and I don’t quite know why. Well … I’m not complaining.

C is down with Mary at the mo. I’m joining her tomorrow to help with Mary’s annual bash over the weekend. As such I am on my own. I’m not sure I like it that much, although it does mean that I can look at Twitter without an accompanying look of disdain from my beloved. And, what was fab, last night I got on the trike and hoofed it up to Gloucester to watch the footy with Jen and James. It was brilliant fun – a bit windy around the nether regions at 50 mph on a scooter, but brilliant fun.


dinner for one – I am a culinary genius

Anyhow. You have a quiet rest of week and I’ll come back to you with a further instalment on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Am culinary genius

  1. My sister embarking on a career as a PE teacher in the 1970`s was on a teaching practice in Leicester. During the PE lessons, the kids were locked into the gym!

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