It’s here – hurrah!

Well, what a couple of days. First and foremost you can now preorder For Good Men To Do Nothing here: FGMTDN – Kindle preorder. If you order now (please do) then it will be delivered seamlessly onto your Kindle overnight and be ready to read tomorrow – as you slip your bathing robe off and head off down to the beach with your ice cooler full of gin and tonic. If, however, it’s the paperback your after then go here: FGMTDN Paperback. Unfortunately there is little I can do about the price of the paperback – I make about 50p a book. That’s the trouble with print-on-demand.

For Good Men To Do Nothing (3)

Whatever your choice, I really hope you enjoy it – and please pen a review once you’ve finished.

It is an exciting time – for me it has been with every book. And I have been delighted with the response as I’ve pulled it together. Thanks for all your comments. However, whilst I might expect to sell maybe 500 copies over the next year, it’s hardly best-selling territory. So I do need to think through marketing v seriously; spend some quality time looking at the problem and probably forking out a bit of cash. That will have to wait until after I finish work. And probably until after Bex and Steven fly to Korea a week later. I’ll keep you informed.


the crossing point dream team

School is fine. Friday was sports day and, because I am part time and don’t work Friday afternoons, I was put on crossing duty. With two other members of staff. It was a tough job – our crossing was a cycle track used irregularly by dog walkers and older folk pulling their shopping trolleys. I think we did OK. In the afternoon I drove to my mentoring job in Farnham for a couple of hours work, and then back again. That’s going well, I think.

And in between our feet haven’t touched the ground. Bex arrived back from Madeira and came and stayed – we watched ‘the match’ (hurrah!) and then drove into Bristol to see old Army pals. Last night we picked up a friend of Bex’s from the station and early doors this morning I drove them to Bristol Airport so that they could fly to Florence for a couple of days. (What a life these youngsters lead.) And in a couple of hours some more Army pals are coming for lunch before we head off down to Wells to join the farewell party for our old headteacher. Phew…only time to draw breath before … tomorrow, we drive up to Gloucester to help Jen prepare for a show she’s doing next Saturday. C and I will be making lots of collars and leads.

I could tell you about the next couple of weeks, and how busy that’s going to be, but having got up at 4 this morning to do the airport run I’m too tired to think about it. We’re going to need a holiday at the end of this.

So. Who’s going to London on Thursday to blow raspberries at His Trumpkiness? I would, I really would – if I wasn’t working. I’m looking forward to seeing the balloon of Donald in his nappies, floating above Westminster Square. And, I wonder what The Queen will be thinking? She’s a bright girl – she’ll have him registered. I bet she’ll be glad she’ll be wearing gloves, although I wouldn’t put it past His Donaldness to touch her. It makes me shiver…

Anyhow. Two weeks to go. We’re getting there. I really hope you get on with book 4. I do believe it’s the best I can do. Whatever, let me know…

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