Mrs Sun

You can’t argue with the weather. The fact that it’s so hot you can’t walk barefoot on the tarmac and, among many Brits, tempers inevitably have shortened as the temperature has risen, is by-the-by. It’s fab. And we love it.

Other than an extended welcome to Bex and Steven, work continuing to occupy most of my time and other general duties, the last couple of days have been about the book. Whilst it’s all tough – reproducing the wrap-round cover with spine width and bleed, re-typesetting the interior and sharing the new work with my editor/proofer – it is so good to be in control. Whatever you read in a couple of weeks time, however you see the cover, the only one to blame is me. I used to really worry about making manuscript amendments. What if I inadvertently press a key and don’t notice? What happens if I press a couple? Now I’m in charge (and can upload a new manuscript (if necessary) at a moment’s notice, I’m much more confident. Rosemary and I are working through the book on the cloud, with MS track changes. That is working really well and speeds up any changes. I hope to have a second proof in my hands by next Thursday and then publish for Monday 8 July – just in time for the summer rush.


it’s not all thrills and spills in For Good Men To Do Nothing…

I really (really) hope you like it. Like the previous three, there”s a huge chunk of effort mixed with some blood, sweat and tears in the writing. And a few drops more of all of that to get it into production. As I said: I really hope you enjoy it.

Well, another short Wednesday, I’m afraid. I’m sure they will be more to chat about on Sunday. I hope Mrs Sun stays with you for some time.

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