I know, I know

I know. You don’t want me to go on about the Singapore summit. I know.

I know.

So I won’t.

Except. Come on. It was a nothing burger. It was. His Trumpness gave away joint military exercises (which are key for any force which needs to remain operational) and got nothing new in return. No discussion on human rights. Nothing substantive on denuclearisation. And, come on, Donald hates the Iran deal, which at least includes verifiable denuclearisation. Kim whatshisname, a tyrant chosen to take over from his tyrant Dad because he was the nastiest of all the siblings, sat at the same table as the leader of the free world – who said subsequently that Kim whatshisface ‘loves his country’. Huh? What? He. Loves. His. Country?

No. He loves power, and he will do anything to hang onto it, including executing a senior general because he fell asleep at a meeting. But Donald met him anyway and now we can all sleep safe at night because ‘I trust him’. Mmmmm. Not sure. On the other hand, there is ‘a special place in Hell’ for Justin Trudeau.

Whatever next? We are living in a reality show. Someone’s taking the mikey. The lights are going to come on soon and we’re going to blink the madness away.

Anyway, at least C and I will be able to pop over the border to the new hotels that Donald has opened up on the NK beaches when we fly to see Bex and Steven next year.


back from the editor – so excited

Any other news? Well, I am v excited that For Good Men To Do Nothing is back from the editor and it all looks fab. I’m still on for an ‘end of the first week’ in July publishing date. And for the record we popped up to Jen’s on Monday and went for a lovely walk in the hills around Gloucester.


big hill … and Jen

2 thoughts on “I know, I know

  1. Woo Hoo! Glad for the good news on the book. Also, remember that not all those in the US voted for T. However it mystifies many of us how many people still thing he’s doing a “good job”.

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