Comments please…

I made it to half term. Just. Friday. Period 3; Year 7. An 11 year old boy in tears of indignation because I’d asked him to move. Earlier he’d asked if he could sit with a pal. I said yes, provided they behaved. They didn’t. I warned the lad. Minutes later I asked him to move. ‘Why?’ ‘What, me?’ ‘Why?’ After what seemed like an age he moved, but he was now in tears. Of indignation. How does that happen? How does an 11 year old boy find himself there? How does he think that he has a chance of arguing the toss with a teacher who has given him ample warning? How?

Whatever – it took another couple of weeks off my life. I wouldn’t make September if they extended the summer term.

Anyhow, we’re now with Mum and Dad. Dad is in a sorry state. He cannot complete a sentence, forgets what he’s thinking about half way through a sentence, and, this evening, didn’t understand that he had to put his pads after a shower. He’s been wearing them for over 6 months. But he has remained gracious with only small outreaks of frustration. And Mum somehow manages. It’s a mystery how. ‘I’m a wife, not a carer.’ How true. But then, we would argue, accept that you need some homehelp. But, alas, she won’t.

We leave tomorrow. It feels like we’ve been here for a week.


comments please…

Ahh. Books. Hurrah! See the draft front cover of For Good Men To Do Nothing. It needs some work, and if any of you have any comment then please let me know what you think. Be brutal. I’m on for publishing by the end of the first week in July – to meet the beginning of school summer hols. Unlike The Innocence of Trust, where I was hoping to have sold 1,000 copied by Christmas (just short of 400 at the moment – 9 months later), I have no expectations for book 4. I will advertise vigorously and keep my fingers crossed. But a couple of hundred by Christmas would be good. That would pay (and some) for the money I’m paying for my editor/proofreader. Anything beyond that would be a bonus.

And for us, now? Well we’re off in Doris for the week – hopefully to mid-Wales. Back at the weekend for Jen’s birthday and then back to work for the final 7 weeks. Hopefully I’ll make it to the end with my sanity and/or without being sacked for setting fire to a classroom full of children. We’ll see.

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