We did that, I did this…

You’ll be delighted to know that I’ve dismounted my (high) horse and will not go on and on about things like Brexit and our place in the world – at least for a bit. Hurrah, I hear you say.

So, what shall I drivel on about? Well work has been sapping at me like a slow puncture. I know I’ve said it a million times before, but I take my hat off to all teachers – every one. I had to extricate a child from my class today – during an assessment in exam conditions. It wasn’t a single infringement, but a litany of offences that was only heading for one outcome. What makes that happen? How many times do you have to say ‘be quiet and let the rest of the class work’? Whatever. It won’t be the last time.

What caught my imagination and cheered me up was on my cycle home. In the drive of one of the small Victorian houses was a 10-year-old camper. It had its sliding door open, was clearly plugged into the mains and in it, drinking tea, was an elderly man. He was relaxed and tanned – and I guess was Grandad visiting his Grandkids. Or any other story you can think of. Whatever fires your imagination, it made me smile: that sense of freedom. The ability to take off. The tea! Hurrah to that!

C spent the day cleaning the car. She’s got a new wheel cover and a replacement wing mirror cover (the car, not C). And now looks a little bit like she used to. We took her to Quick Fit on Monday as the the front left wheel’s been making a racket at higher speeds. But, thankfully, the man in the blue boiler suit could find nothing wrong. My wallet felt much better for that. So, all’s well on the car front.


a previous life and a previous Doris…

Now, what about the trike – named ‘Scarlet’ by Mary at the weekend? I drove her into the middle of Bristol yesterday evening as the maths department met to say cheerio to a female member of staff who’s off on maternity leave. I only stayed for a drink, but apparently I caused a stir when I left – Scarlet had some admirers. Quite right. I also loved it. I drove a moped for three years too and from work, day-in, day out. It was great fun, but always a tadge on the slow side. Not so, Scarlet. At 300cc she’s as quick to 30 mph as anything on the road. She might be the death of me…

Two days till half-term. We’re off to Mum and Dad’s for the weekend (in the car) and then back for a few days away in Doris. We’ve yet to decide, but probably mid-Wales. Hopefully Mrs Sun won’t have burnt herself out by then. She is getting through the hydrogen at quite a rate. After that, seven weeks of teaching left, and then I’ll consider myself to be an author again. Nothing yet back from my new editor/proofreader – other than she was enjoying it. Plan is still to publish in early July.

That’s it from me. Sorry it’s a but ‘we did this, and I did that’… but, you wait until we’re on the road again!








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