I’m on my own. Just for a night, but it is unusual. C and I were both in the Army for a while, and then she took on the role of camp follower (and Army wife – which is a job all of its own) when Rebecca was born – and I pursued my career. I was away a lot – not as much as some of my pals, but enough for it to surprise non-Army folk. After 25 years and with more nights-out-of-bed than I care to remember, we jacked it in and I became a school teacher. Pretty much since then we’ve been inseparable, other than a couple of trips to Sierra Leone with the school and a few other v short breaks.


West coast of France a couple of years ago. Missing it right now…

It’s worth interrogating that. Most of you, I guess, spend most of your time at home. And if you live with someone else, then it’s likely that you’re rarely separated. But … chew on this. How about you pick the person you’re closest to and then live with them cheek by jowl in a very small tin box for three and a half years. That’s a long time in a small space. How would that work for you?

Well, that’s what we did until last Christmas.

C and I are both biggish characters and, whilst they won’t admit it, I’m guessing our pals thought it would never last. But it did. And we did more than just survive. And whilst it’s fun to be in our small house (with Doris parked outside), we’re still planning long trips in her. And we look forward to that. (Next is half term – starting a week tomorrow. Yippee!)

So, why am I alone? Well, C’s gone down to Godalming to pick up Mary. They want to watch the wedding together. Me, whilst I absolutely support having a Royal family – providing they’re not playing It’s a Knockout,Β getting messily divorced or generally being idiots – I couldn’t care less about who’s getting married to whom, and where and how. No, I shall be in the garden looking to get a patio laid. and it looks like we have the weather for it.



For the record, and to finish, after work yesterday I drove to Farnham to see a Deputy Head who I am mentoring – and then back again. It seems likely that I might be getting some more work at that school. And, just now, I had pasty and beans. Yummy, Since C had a cholesterol shock last month we’ve been on pasta and grass. So I was allowed a treat with C away. It’ll be short-lived. Tomorrow I’ll be eating my own body weight in salad – or similar.

Till the weekend!

6 thoughts on “Inseparable

  1. Ha, if I left Tim alone for any length of time he’d be eating pasty and beans or anything pie related everyday! But even I would concede that pasty and salad just isn’t the same☺

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