His Trumpkiness

Well – that’s me. I’m done with this teaching lark. Two kids in detention today and I could have dispatched a couple more. What makes 11 year-olds so bolshie? Why am I not scary enough to get them to do as they are told? OK, so I don’t raise my voice. And I have yet to deploy the taser I have in my pocket – although I have seriously considered it. (Only joking; in case there are any lawyers reading this.)

Actually it’s not as bad as all that. In fact it’s much better than it was at the beginning when I was cycling to work in the dark and facing off most of the classes. Now I don’t dread the confrontation, the fight(s) (I can’t remember if I told you about that?), the constant ‘sit down’, be quiet, listen!, that’s enough…etc, and the emotional turmoil of not consistently reaching the brighter kids in the class. It’s not fair on them. But I do feel as though I am getting through. Checking their books today does show that there is a lot of good work going on. Phew.


wish we were back in Scotland now. Oh, hang on, what about the midges?

And what about His Trumpkiness? Pulling out of the Iran deal. Paying off a porn star. Writing his own doctor’s certificate. Firing most people. His wife living with her parents (allegedly). And, and… The thing is, we are tuned out now. He can pretty much say and do as he wishes and, because it’s all lost in the other rubbish, we don’t wobble. Pulling out of the Iran deal is just wrong. Everyone, apart from the Israeli PM (but including his national security adviser), is saying that Iran is holding up its side of the bargain. There are international monitors who are saying this is so. Obama came out on Facebook last night and made an intelligent and impassioned appeal in its favour. But Trump is determined to undermine everything Obama has done (check out when Obama ridiculed Trump at the WH Correspondent’s dinner – that’s when he decide to run and that’s what’s pushing him to dismantle Obama’s legacy). And the Iran deal is the latest. The fact that, for the forseeable future, no one will want to enter a treaty with the US for fear that they will pull out, does not seem to bother the man.

Sorry, but he’s an idiot. On so many levels. If I were not working on the day he’s coming to London, I would be in Whitehall holding up an appropriate banner. I would. Why should a man who cheated on his third wife just after she had given birth to their son deserve any less? It’s not right that we are giving him time of day. He doesn’t deserve our respect. And he certainly doesn’t have mine.

Harrumph. It’s been one of those days. I hope yours has been better…

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