Scotland 1 – Rest of World 0

Yes. It’s true. We made it to Scotland in our beloved Doris. And already I wish we were staying for 4 weeks and not just 10 days. Scotland does motorhoming pretty much unlike anywhere else. With its ‘right to roam’ rules you can park up on any old scrap of land. And, because anywhere north of the Glasgow/Edingburgh is never more than a haggis throw from either a loch or a raging river, all of which are entwined between hills and mountains, it’s a wild camper’s dream. We do stop in campsites when we need to ‘fill and empty’, but mostly we just park Doris lochside and enjoy the complete tranquility that Scotland affords.


Mind you … there are some caveats with this free advice. First, it can get busy. It’s fine from October through to April, but anytime that you might consider ‘summer’ (and that’s a joke here – sorry that’s caveat 2), expect a lot of tourists mostly being ferried around in coaches which work well on the M74, but not so well on any road in the Highlands. And expect all visitors’ attractions to be overwhelmed with coach parties (and bagpipe playing Scotsmen).


Point two: it’s not warm. And it can be bloody. However, apart from one September trip, we have always come up here at Easter and always had half-decent weather. So, I take that back. The weather can be problematic (read miserable), but so far we’ve been lucky. Three. If you come in the summer you will go back a couple of pints of blood shorter than you turned up with. You’ve seen starlings murmuring? Thousands upon thousands of birds moving about in a plague, so tightly packed you can’t see the setting sun? Well that’s how the midges operate up here. Seriously. It’s not fun. They work in packs of 100,000. I don’t need to say any more.


So come when it’s cold and wet. Bring decent walking gear and a pair of binos. And enjoy.


For the record, because Bex and Steven missed their interconnecting flight from Miami, we dropped off the car (for them to drive to Scotland in) in Penkridge yesterday and then set the compass for north stopping off in the Lowlands where we both had the best night’s sleep in ages. Today we drove into the Highlands, parked up and walked for a couple of hours. This is what we normally do, but it is fair to say that we haven’t been out together since we finished off in France in November last year. That can’t be right.


Anyhow, that’s enough from me. I’ve added as many picture as Virgin will allow me to before the cut me off in my prime. Have a good week.  


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