I’m a teacher…

School, school, school. Well, that’s what it’s pretty much been since Sunday. There’s no getting away from the fact that teaching in a state school is not without hard work. By the time I get back (on my electric bike – yippee) I’m just about good enough for a hot bath and a jug of red wine. Actually, it’s not as bad as that and everyday I eke out a small success – either in the classroom, or with an individual student. I’m getting adept at phoning parents/carer (which was never a responsibility in my private school, where tutors did most of the communicating) and sending emails – both for good students and those who have misbehaved. Classroom management remains a key priority, but at least now I feel as though I’m actually teaching something.


There is no getting away from the fact that we could be doing this now. Mmmmm…

And I’m doing some intervention for the younger kids who need one-to-one work. On the face of it, it’s not something I thought I’d enjoy. I’m much better with students who have some ability in maths. But, do you know what? It’s actually a lot of fun and hugely rewarding. Hurrah!

Aside from teaching, I’m helping Jen out with her books as her business begins to take off. I’ve had one sniff about Unsuspecting Hero’s screenplay, more of which when something actually happens. But nothing back on book 4. I’m not worried. I still have plenty of time before my self imposed publication date of mid-July. I’m still mulling over what I might do in the next academic year. If teaching continues to go well, I’ll struggle with the ‘decision of conscience’. If I remain shattered and close to tears (it’s not that bad), then I’m not sure.

We’ll see.

Off in our travels this weekend. I’ve got a mentoring role tomorrow late afternoon, then Mary’s, then to Jen’s future in-laws for a birthday party, then my M&D’s, before back here on Monday. It’s all go…

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