Almost a holiday

Well, that was almost like being on holiday. After we left Hilary and Stephen’s boat we moved onto a CL by the Avon at a place called Wyre Piddle. It was, at £14 a night including EHU, a fabulous spot made all the more fabulouser by some decent weather. It was a short walk (about a mile) along the Avon to Pershore which has pubs, cafes and an Asda. It kept us entertained for two days/three nights.


And it was great to be back in Doris again. She is marvellous – really. And, now feeling a bit like my old self, I was able to run three days on the trot around the nature reserve. (And I’ve run again today – hurrah!). C also ran. She’s still on a ‘every second day’ routine. Well done her!


Yesterday we stopped for lunch with old school friends of ours in Glouchester, and then we were back for sorting out the house. We took 9 boxes out of the garage, and have 12 more to go. I spent most of the afternoon in the roof sorting it out so that it can accept more and more stuff. And we looked at how we were going to sort out the kitchen floor. If i wasn’t working we’d have got this sorted out much quciker, but it will get done.


I’m up seeing Jen tomorrow (back to school on Tuesday). Her business is motoring and I’m going to see if I can do her books for her remotely, which will take one responsibility from her. Even at this early stage it may be that I spend more and more time helping her on the business side – whilst writing. That may be the answer for September. We’ll see.


Anyhow, that’s about it. A good week away, helped by the weather. And lots to think about for later on. Have a great week.

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