I’ve not been sacked yet…

So, that cold I got at Christmas. You know, the one where I spent all of Christmas Day watching every episode of Stranger Things. The one that, after a course of antibiotics, I was able to ski in Chatel. Well I sort of knew that it wasn’t completely gone. I started running last weekend and felt rubbish. I continued to cycle to work. And then, hey presto, I’m down with the lurgy again. It’s rubbish isn’t it? Three and a half years in a van without an illness in sight. The moment we move into a warm, brick building all hell lets loose. Just typical.

Work is fine. I’m getting it. Just about. I’m employing different strategies and working hard with the kids – speaking to parents and emailing home. The teaching is not the issue. I think I’m quite good at that. It’s getting everyone in the room tuned into my frequency that’s taking some time. Two weeks down, and I’ve not been sacked. So that’s a good thing.


The house is getting done. The bathroom is nearly finished. Painting and a new floor. The back bedroom next and then the kitchen. It’ll be done by the time we have to make a decision on what to do in the second half of the year. Teach or travel? We’ll see.

I’m watching Winter Countryfile at the moment. Lots of winter scenes. Mmmm. How I miss the Alps. There is something about cold and crisp, don’t you think? I often feel that we ought to sell everything and buy something in the mountains. Keep Doris for summer use? Between us we have about 20 years of usable life left. It would be a shame to end up at the dribbling stage and not have done the things we really want to do. Again, we’ll see. This year really is about decision making.

And, hey! Eddie The Eagle has just been on, skiing in the Cairngorms. Fabulous.

Have a great week.

4 thoughts on “I’ve not been sacked yet…

  1. You are welcome to ‘Cold and Crisp’, I prefer the sun and ‘Brown as a Crisp’ šŸ˜Ž
    Like you, we are always discussing our ‘options’ but I always say, when in doubt ‘do nothing’. I have made the decision that I will not work anymore once I reach state pension age, come what may, however, the question we keep asking ourselves is whether to wait until then or retire earlier ? But like everything in life, there are pro’s and con’s for both options. We are now at the stage, with the Wardens jobs, where we only work for 6 months and have 6 months off, sounds like a very good work/life balance but we will see how it goes. Taking each year as it comes these days, no hasty decisions šŸ‘

  2. Vote 2 for keeping your cold and crisp šŸ™‚ its been toasty around Valencia for weeks, bit wet last few days but beats the snow in North Wales. If you need help with the second half of the years decision – travel!!!! There is not a headstone out there that says ‘wish had taught more’.

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