Be quiet!

Blooming hell that was a tough day. For the record I taught for 8 years at a private school in Somerset. There were tough days there, but mostly it was management issues. Here, it’s class behavioural management that’s the issue. I’m tall, confident and I can be stern. Do my classes wholly respond to that? Eh, no. In every class there’s a couple of kids who I cannot coerce to behave. And that has never happened before. My ‘disappointed face’ has always worked before.

Not now. Those of you who are Harry Enfield fans have come across ‘am I boverred?’ and it is absolutely true to say that there’s a bit of that about. Sure, there are plenty of kids who want to learn, but it only takes one or two to send the class into a spin. Shouting at them doesn’t work – I’m not a shouter, but I tried it once, and it had the opposite effect. So, as sad as it is to say, I’m going to have to try sanctions. Phoning home. Detention. Etc. I didn’t stick a single kid in detention in my previous 8 years, but it’s the only avenue I have left. And everyone I talk to is strongly suggest that I use the process. Ok. So that’s the plan tomorrow. I’ll keep you in the picture.
Apart from that, I’ve not got much to add. We’ve done a little bit more work in the house and had a trip up to Jen and James’ on Monday. They’re in good form. When C and Jen went out shopping I stayed in with Cassie and watched a couple of episodes of The Grand Tour. Which is ok. Actually, it’s sort of morphed back into Top Gear. Which is no bad thing.
Finally, can I please recommend to you Van Life Magazine. We appeared in the e-magazine a couple of months ago. The link to that article is here: . And whilst we are no longer (technically) van lifers, or full timers, we will inevitably head back in that direction. If I can’t get a grip of my classes, that might be sooner rather than later…
That’s enough from me. I’m exhausted and have some students to berate tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Be quiet!

  1. Eeeh Roland – you have certainly not chosen an easy path. Should you wish to hear what research in state schools has gleaned on pointers for managing those challenging students, I would be happy to talk things thru with you. It is a few years since I used to run Hampshire’s training on such matters, but I might still have a few nuggets for you. All the best, Hilary

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