Real life 1, Roland 1

So, that makes me a state school teacher. Who would have thought it? It is certainly a different environment and the classes all have a couple of students who really don’t want to be there. The trick, which I haven’t yet mastered, is balancing that element control with the need to teach everyone else. It’s a fine line. I’m working a number of strategies, all slightly different for each class. I’ll keep you in the picture as things move on.

Nothing to add on the books. They continue to sell, mostly now in the UK. I’ve had no more rejections from screenwriting agents or from the independent publishers I’ve sent submissions to. If I decide to work next academic year, then I’m going to have to work hard to do the teaching and the writing book 5 at the same time. I’m not sure how I’d manage it. We’ll see.


The old rabbit hutch had to go

And the house is coming together. Thankfully it’s small, so there isn’t acres of stuff to sort, but it’s still a full time job until we get it where we want it. One of the beauties of the van is that you don’t have any of stuff to worry about. It takes 10 minutes to clean, and there’s no garden to fret over. You can’t really improve the van, you can’t paint it, you can’t add double glazing. In that way it is tremendously liberating. Instead of doing stuff in the house, you do stuff outside.

So, it’s going to be interesting to do that equation when the house is sorted.

Apart from all that I think we’re both well. It is comfortable living in a house. No, convenient is better. We can have a bath. Cooking is easier. And you can spread out. And working, so far, isn’t such a horror. I have no problems getting up at 6.30 four days a week. Although, it is fair to say, I am shattered by the time I come home. Cycling wakes me up, and, even in the rain, is not such a bad way to travel.

Let’s have a chat about this, this time next week. Maybe things will have moved in by then?

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